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Are we too hard on Celebrities???


A couple days ago I was listening to Rickey Smiley Show , while they were reporting on there celebrity news Ebony Steele  raised a question when she said "are we being to hard on Beyonce which whom they had just finished reporting about at the time It made wonder are we being to hard on  celebrities? What is your take?. Listen here. During the same broadcast they also mention the of the passing of Chris "Mac Daddy" Kelly
one half of rap duo Kriss Kross who until the recently So So Def  20th  Anniversary he had disappeared from the public's memory until Reunion we all realized how talent this young man was.Why do we throw away artist when they are no longer relevant? they still can sing? they still have the talent? why do we think of them in terms of what is your latest #1 hit on the billboard Hot 100?

Are we become celebrity bullys we spend some much time time brashing our celebrities on everything from there hair to who they are dating.

I have always said that I didn't want to be famous the media and fans put you on such a high pedal  and when you fall off you  are unforgiven look at Britney Spears or even Whitney Houston the world had nicknamed her "The Voice" but because of the pressures of fame. do we forget they are human beings just like you and me that this is a job that just so happens put them on center stage. Whitney didn't know how to cope and because we played a part in her demised anyone who put something negative about her or another celeb this is where it can lead.

I know that I am not perfect by no means. who would like to share their imperfections with the world watching . I would honestly no longer be me but some media monster that the media and the fans would create. but look at all the celebrities we have lost that try to live up to our expectations.

I think we should think twice before we judge a celebrity. What do you think?

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