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Vanessa Graddick: A Star


Born and raised in St. Paul, MN this talented, driven and most importantly, funny Stand Up Comedienne, Vanessa Graddick has been taking comedy by storm. In record time, Vanessa has performed all over the country including major Comedy Clubs in California, New York, Washington, DC, Pennsylvania, Florida and more. Based in California she is a regular at venues such as The Comedy Union, The Laugh Factory, Improv, and the Ice House Comedy Club. In 2007, Vanessa won the Uncle Clyde’s Comedy Competition at the Ice House. As the winner of this competition she competed in the 2007 Boston Comedy Festival. Additionally she has participated in the New York Underground Comedy Festival and was a semi finalist in the 2009 Bay Area Black Comedy Competition. To round off her comedic competition experience, Vanessa was the only female Top 10 Finalist in the NBC Stand Up For Diversity National Search in 2009.
Outside of playing clubs all over the country, Vanessa has expanded her experience to performing for American Soldiers in South Korea, Kuwait and Iraq, taping Byron Allen’s Comics Unleashed, The Gossip Queens and Comedy Central's Live at Gotham. Most recently Vanessa has also moved behind the camera as a Segment Producer on the new celebrity news show, The Gossip Queens. Vanessa comedy is direct, fast paced, and intelligent with attitude and no regrets. Real life, real talk and real funny!

With her introspective and thought provoking comedy, Vanessa Graddick is proving quickly to be a name to watch out for as this up and coming comedienne is surely on her way to the top.

KSY:How did you know that being a comedienne was your calling?

VG:Funny thing is I didn’t. I always loved acting, entertainment and watching comedy. But I
never thought I would be a comedian. I’ve talked about it on stage and in my blog that
comedy chose me rather than my choosing it. When I came to LA from Minnesota I had
every intention of pursuing a career in acting, however I got comfortable just living la life
and wasn’t really going after it. On November 1, 2006 I got a call from my mom saying
she had been diagnosed with Breast Cancer. At that moment I felt so bad being so far
away when she needed me most. So I had to justify the distance by saying I was doing
something I couldn’t do at home. That night I had my friends put me on stage at their local
open mic. I haven’t looked back since. (and my mother is cancer free)

KSY:Who are your comedienne influences?

VG:I’m not sure if you would call them influences or people I admire in the game. Of the well
known…..Ellen is amazing, Dave Chappelle is mesmerizing. I could and have watched him
perform for hours at a time. And of course Kevin Hart right now is at the top of his game
and doing some amazing things. Outside of that I have several vet mentors who have
helped me so much on this journey. Whether it be taking me on the road or just helping
me navigate through this game. Included are Loni Love, Guy Torrey, Owen Smith, Kym
Whitley, Earthquake…..honestly the list goes on. There are so many talented comedians
out here.

KSY:Do you remember the first time you did a show?

VG:I remember that it happened, and where it happened, and when. But I have no idea what
I said on stage. I just know that people laughed and afterwards I wanted to do it again.
LOL. Actually my first performance 11/1/06 I was so nervous because Dean Edwards had
just went up and did a phenomenal job. I was afraid to follow. Then right before I went up
another vet, David Arnold, not knowing that it was my first time said “Don’t fuck up.” It
was nerve wrecking…but I listened and I’m still standing so I guess I did ok.

KSY:Have you ever experience stage fright?

VG:My background is in theater so I’ve always been comfortable on stage. I think the closest
I get to stage fright is a little anxiety when it is an unfamiliar venue or if I came highly
recommended by someone. Its more that I don’t want to disappoint than actual stage

KSY:Some comedienne's have lead tragic personal lives do you think it is hard to separate your public life since you have to use some of  your life experiences in your act?

VG:Wait….those are two different lives? Lol…no really I have a really personal approach
to comedy. When I get off stage, or if you follow me on twitter (@vanessagraddick),
or Facebook, you really get to know me. I don’t put on an “act” so much as I just put me
out there. Now there are rules, I don’t compromise people or try to put anyone on blast
except for myself. Its actually really therapeutic and cheaper than real therapy.

KSY:If they were to bring back the Queen's of Comedy who would you like to see be apart of it and would you participate in it?

VG:Ooooooo I don’t know. That is a hard one to be honest. I plead the 5th on who it should
be. But as far as my participation…..I would love to be a part of a project like that just to
soak in and learn from vets possibly opening the show. Right now, anything that I am a
principle on would be more of an up and coming situation as an introduction. I would love
to see some of the more successful female comedians put together tours or projects like
that to show the world the next generation of female comedians.

KSY:Who is Vanessa when nobody is watching?

VG:Lol….I’m pretty consistently just me. I guess when no one is looking I can tend to be a little
more emotional. I try to keep a level head about me in these streets. Never let them see
you sweat and all that jazz. But other than that…the me you get is the me you get 9 outta
10 times.

KSY:You have a blog on where you are real candid about your opinions. why did you decide to share it  with the public?

VG:I feel like if I am asking people to support and follow my career they should know what
they are getting into I guess.

KSY:Why do you think  when women reach 25-30  their mother's are obsession with their daughters being married and having children?

VG:Having a 30 year old  daughter starts to speak to their own mortality. Everybody wants to see
their legacy grow and to have little grandchildren running around. They can’t help it.
Plus mothers want to see their daughters happy. A lot of women see happy as having
the family and the kids and what not. So when mothers realize they are getting older
they start thinking about death and having their affairs in order, part of those affairs are
making sure their children are taken care of and happy. Enter in the husband and kids.

KSY:What level of success would you like to reach in your career?

VG:THE TOP! I’d like to be a household name, preferably on television or in film. Though I love
the road and performing all over, I’d like to get an on camera gig that keeps me still so I
can try the whole family situation at some point. As I get older I’m turning more and more
into a homebody.

KSY:Do you have any upcoming projects or events?

VG:I have a quick cameo in Kevin Hart’s latest project Real Husbands of Hollywood on BET
(Tuesdays at 10pm) I’m not sure when my episode airs so just support the show every
week and you’ll catch me at some point.

There will be an article about me and weight loss in the February edition of Muscle and
Body Magazine.

Other than that there are always some irons in the fire. Working with several different
people to make this thing happen. The best way to find out what I’m doing is to follow me
on twitter, fb or check out my website www.vanessagraddick.com

Follow her at @vanessagraddick


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