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The ultimate guide to afford better Skin care

To look beautiful you must take care of your skin on a regular basis. Beautiful skin represents healthy
living. The main function of the skin is to clear the bacteria and keep your body healthy. In order to have
a beautiful skin you must follow the below techniques.

Make cleansing a part of your daily routine. Cleansers are used to remove facial dirt, wipe out your
makeup, eliminate dead skin cells and debris. Based on the skin types, various cleansing creams, balms,
bars etc., can be used. For oily skin use cleansing creams and for dry skin opt for cleansing bars.

Some of the cleansers are: Ambi cleaning bar, Mary Kay Creamy Cleanser 2, Clinique Liquid Facial Soap.


Exfoliation gives fresh skin by increasing the rate of cell through put. It is a process of removing dead
cells resulting in soft skin. After the process of exfoliation, never forget to apply sunscreen. It is good to
exfoliate your skin once a week. Some exfoliating agents contain alpha beta hydroxy acids (BHAs) and
hydroxy acids (AEAs).

Some of the exfoliating agents are bio Derma, kerasal, Revitol.


Scrubs should not be rough as they may damage the skin, they should contain soft and synthetic
orbicular globules which can handle skin in a mild way.

Scrubs are generally used to improve skin tone, cure acne and close pores.
Some of the facial masks and scrubs are Planet spa, Lancôme, Elemis.


Moisturizers are meant to make the skin smooth by supplying necessary water to skin. Use oil based
moisturizers to treat dry skin and water based moisturizers to treat oily skin.

Some of the moisturizers are Olay, Lakme, Garnier and Lancôme.

Protecting your skin is an important task. You must protect your skin from sun, cold and rain. Some
things that should not be neglected while going out are given below:

Do not forget to apply sunscreen before going out
Always carry a scarf to cover your face
While going on two-wheeler, wear gloves and sunglasses

Do not wash your face before you go out in sunlight
Always wash your face after coming from sunlight
Never forget to wipe out your make up before you sleep
Never wash your face with too cold or hot water
Always try to carry an umbrella in rainy season
Wear sweater in winter to protect your skin from dryness

Always perform above mentioned tasks to have a beautiful skin. Apart from these there are several
homemade moisturizers, scrubs, masks etc., if you are busy and could not find time to prepare them go
for ready-made beauty products. In case if you in short of money in the middle of the month and could
not afford to buy them, you can opt Payday loans, which provides you the required money without any
credit check and you can clear them by the next payday.

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