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Rashawn Mosley: A TRUE ARTIST


Recently via twitter I was contacted by Rashawn who is an aspiring rapper who ask me to  check out his latest single "So High" I was impressed and ask if I could do an exclusive with him. He said yes. so let me introduce you to Rashawn:

Rashawn Antonio Thomas Mosley, otherwise known as Rashawn Mosley was born July 14, 1993 in the Bay Area, CA. At a very young age Rashawn knew he wanted to do it big, but was not sure how.

Growing up he was always extremely outgoing and personable, as well as a natural leader among his peers. 

Rashawn excelled in sports and many other extracurricular activities as a child, and was always full of energy.

At the age of 13, Rashawn discovered his talent, and passion for poetry. Growing up he used poetry as an escape from the crazy world around him.

As he got a little older, he started down a path of destruction. Hanging with the wrong people, and running wild in the streets.  It was not until shortly after his 16th birthday, he realized his true potential and passion

for music. It was not only an escape for him, but for others as well. 
Rashawn states: "Everybody wants to be a rapper these days, but it takes talent and ambition to be an artist. There is a very fine line between the two".

 I hope to make it far in this industry, and eventually change the game up a little bit, give rap music a meaning again." With a unique sound, style and flow, there is no doubt Rashawn is on the road towards stardom.

 Performing at many different venues throughout the west coast, Rashawn has shown versatility and a burning

Passion for what he does. His first single "Get it Poppin" was featured on the official School Tour CD, that reached over 20,000 young listeners ears.

Last year Rashawn ventured out from the comfort of his home in the bay area, and moved out to Los Angeles, in efforts to take his music career to the next level.

Getting better everyday is his goal, "You can know everything in the world, but if you don't use it to better yourself, and the world, whats the point?"

He knows that his work in this industry is far from over, and is looking forward to what the future holds. 
Here is our exclusive:

KSY:Tell us about yourself?

RM:Well. Im 19 years old, I'm a proud baydestrian, living in LA. Just chasin a dream feel me. 
KSY:Why did you decide to leave your family and pursue your career?

RM:ehh. It was a DIFFICULT decision. Especially because family is everything to me. Leaving was hard, but I knew that over time it would all be worth it. Gotta get it so we all can get it ya know?
 KSY:Do you remember the first poem you ever wrote or recited?

RM:Haha yes. The first poem I actually recited was about this girl I sat behind in class. I was always girl crazy. 
KSY:As you got older you went down a path of destruction what were the events that lead up to this and what turn your life around?

RM:I had been arrested and caught up in pretty stupid stuff. I didn't care though, up until I really saw how much it had a negative effect on my family. Things had to change.  You can actually hear alot of my story in my single "Blow Up".

KSY:What is the different between  wanted to be a Rapper and Artist?

RM:WELL... Where should I start. Its more of the art of poetry I guess. I really value structure and word play, not just rhyming anything you could think of. Rappers un my opinion are different from artists. They have forgotten where Rap music really came from. Poetry.  
KSY:Tell us about The Official School Tour? How did you become a part of the CD?

RM:The School Tour is a west coast based your that travels to different schools. We put on free performances for the kids, promoting healthy lifestyles and anti bullying. I became apart of the CD through the grind. Met a few people, who knew more people, and they liked my material. Then BAM! :) I was on it.

KSY:If you could give advice to anyone who wanted to follow in your footsteps what would you tell them?

RM:KEEP PUSHING. Like fareal. I don't wanna sound cliche but ignore the haters, n stay true to yourself. Nothings going to happen over night. 

KSY:Other then yourself what other artist do you listen to?
RM:Lately I've been listening to a lot of 2Pac and Nas. I've also been listening to various freestyles from all types of artists. I don't really like the way mainstreams going  right now.

KSY:When you listen  to the radio are you disappointed by what you hear?

RM:Haha yes, and that's why I NEVER listen to the radio. Its all the same, cloned rappers talking about money and women.

KSY:You released a mixtape  a yr ago tell us about it ? Where can we download it from?
RM:Oh!. They Ain't Ready Vol. 1 Was my first real project.I have the tracks available for individual download at www.reverbnation.com/rashawnmosley . (Feel free to share it) haha.
KSY:A month ago you released So High , are you currently working on new music?

RM:But of course! I'm always working on something new. Have 3 new tracks coming out, working on a single with a special guest artist, its gonna be dope.

KSY:Do have any upcoming projects or events?
RM:Website coming soon, mixtape coming soon, new music coming soon. Alot in the works, so stay posted


Special thanks to Rashawn Mosley


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