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Beloved Sister : Sister's With A Purpose


Recently I was watching Fox 2 Detroit  and these ladies appeared on the screen because they where doing a tribute to the victims of the tragedy shooting  at Sandy Hook Elm. School in Newtown CT. I was moved by the tribute and  I contact them to feature them on KSY. Let me introduce them:

Jaw-Dropping Harmonies from Quintessential Young Ladies.

"Beloved Sister represents those who believe that the purpose of life is to love and be loved. We give a voice to those who care about the direction and destination of humanity. We stand up for those who are struggling with uncertainty, to remind them that the power of love can do all things, and hope all things. Our mission is to inspire and uplift humanity with our music and our message, by growing love and hope, and the value of individual and collective responsibility within our global community." - Beloved Sister

Beloved Sister is an original Inspirational/Pop/R&B/Hip-Hop harmony singing group that is guided by their motto, "To Love and to Be Loved".

The four young singers who make up Beloved Sister are actually sisters and have been singing together all of their lives. Najé and Jayla are fraternal twins, age 18. Méami is 16, and Kira is 13 years old, making her the youngest in the group. Each sister has a truly unique voice and style, and they all sing lead vocals and background vocals in amazing harmony. Whether singing their original material, or a cover song that inspires them, these powerful young singers will bring you to your feet and energize you with their message of love and hope.

Since 2003, Beloved Sister has been performing in and around the San Francisco Bay Area and throughout California, ever since their career launching first place performance in their school talent show at McKinley Elementary in Tracy, CA. Since then, they have opened for Kelly Price, Judith Hill, and R&B singer Miguel. Most recently, they opened for Stockton native, Ryan Leslie, at the Michael Tubbs TURN-UP/SPEAK-OUT Youth Concert Event.

Beloved Sister wants their listeners to know how important it is to appreciate the gift of life by loving and developing one's self, and by standing up for what is right and good, caring for each other and for the Earth and all its inhabitants.

"We sincerely hope to make the world a better place with songs that are both entertaining and inspirational. We keep a tight schedule around rehearsals, performances, schoolwork, and rest, but we do have free time that we like to share with our friends and our family, enjoying wholesome recreation and entertainment, and the arts, of course. We know we have to stay focused and determined to accomplish our mission, and we know that we will get there, because of all the wonderful love and support we are blessed with from our Beloved Ones (our fans, friends, family and faith)." - Beloved Sister

Beloved Sister currently resides in Stockton, CA, and often performs at community events and benefits. At the same time, they are ever more focused on projects that will have even greater reach, to help people all over the world through love and inspiration. Visit Beloved Sister on the web at http://BelovedSisterOnline.com

Here is our exclusive:

KSY:Can you tell us what is it like to be in a singing group with your sisters?

K: It is amazing! I love singing and have loved it all my life, especially when I am singing with my sisters. It is always wonderful to hear from fans how much they enjoy hearing us singing together.
M: It's awesome! I really love to perform with my sisters. It's the best feeling! I find myself craving that feeling I get when we've just finished a set on stage, and the crowd is just screaming and applauding. It gets tough at times, a lot of work, dedication, and many sacrifices. But in the end, when you hear a person tell you that they are a huge fan and they love your music, it's more than worth it. 

J: It is really exciting and fun. I just love to sing and it’s an amazing feeling to share that with my sisters.

N: It’s so awesome! Everything seems like ten times easier when I have my sisters singing with me.

KSY:When did you start singing? How did you get started? 
K: I think I was about 3 or 4 years old. Music has always been a part of my life ever since I can remember. My older sisters were already singing together, and my mother would sing around the house, and my dad was always making music, so I guess I just naturally got on board with everyone else. Singing is like second nature for me! 

M: I just remember being around the age 6, I think. Jayla was already singing, so she got me started. Before I knew it, I just wanted to be a singer for life, so we formed a singing group. It's like I've been doing this for my entire life. It doesn't really feel like it ever "started", it's just always been that way, lol! 

J: I started singing since before I could talk. My mom would sing to me when I was a baby, and my dad produced music that I would groove and sing to. That's how it all started. 

N: I started singing around the age of 7. Even though I was the oldest, I was shy, so I always sang by myself in my room or in the bathroom. But one day I was caught by my mom and then everyone knew I could sing, so I joined Jayla and Méami, and we started singing together. 

KSY:There hasn't been a lot of upcoming girl groups, but none have generated the level of success that Destiny's Child had. Are you trying to gain that type of notoriety? 
K: Yes, but hopefully even more, I really hope to share our messages and songs with people all over the world! 

M: Yes. The amount of fans and support that they had is definitely inspiring. I'd love to have that many people love our music one day! 

J: Yes, definitely! I hope to become as successful as Destiny’s Child and hopefully become world famous. 

N: Most definitely, I know that if just the right person saw us perform and what we can do, they’d be amazed and want to get involved. With our group though, there isn't just one lead singer, we are all equal when it comes to performing, because we all bring different strengths to the stage and we all have our own styles. 

KSY:When you listen to the radio, do you feel like there is anything missing? 
K: Sadly yes, nowadays there just isn't enough positive, fun, and inspirational music in the mainstream and on the popular radio stations. 

M: Yes, Beloved Sister! =)

J: I feel like there isn’t enough positive music on the radio, and I want to fill that emptiness.

N: Yes! It seems that a lot of the music nowadays doesn’t have any real messages of importance. I think that as an artist and a role model for the younger generations, especially for females, that promoting self respect and love is most important. 

KSY:Have you ever experienced stage fright? 
K: Of course :), I have had butterflies on stage before, and it can be frightening, but I just have to remember to have confidence in my abilities and go for my dreams. lol. 

M: Omgsh! I haven't yet had a performance where I wasn't nervous, haha. 

J: I am always nervous before I go on stage, but it's a feeling that is exciting and energizing. When I hit the stage though, all my nervousness just goes away. 

N: Yes! I have choked up, and even forgotten a few dance moves, however, once I feel-out the crowd, everything gets easy from there, and I just have fun! 

KSY:Do you have any memorable moments in your career that you would like to share?

K: I remember when we performed at the California State Fair, and I was really nervous! It was one of our first big performances. I opened our first song that day, so it was a lot of pressure on me. Once I got to singing though, everything was alright and we had a really great time. 

M: Well, let's see. There was this one time when we performed at a festival. We had choreography, but it was difficult because the mics were corded. My mic cord slipped out for a good 7 seconds or so, and I just mouthed the lyrics while my sisters were singing! Then I got down and picked up my cord and plugged it back in. I tried to make it look like a dance move, lol. No one seemed to notice. 

J: One of the most memorable moments in my career is when we were in the LA Convention Center for the NAACP convention. We were invited to perform “Lift Every Voice and Sing”. It was a really special moment, because Miguel was performing on that same stage after us!

N: The most memorable moment in my career was our first performance ever as a real group. I was in second grade and it was at our school's talent show. When we finished, everyone kept coming up to us and complimenting us. It was one of the most shocking and wonderful moments in my life. After that I knew that singing was what I wanted to do! 

KSY:I notice that the type of music you sing is socially conscious music. It reminds me of Marvin Gaye's “What Going On”. Do you like to sing songs that give your audience a message?

K: Definitely! I always want to share my thoughts and beliefs with my fans through my music. I love Marvin Gaye's "What's Going On", and you comparing our songs to his is truly an honor! 

M: For sure! Every lyric that we write has a message. We try our best to make sure that our listeners understand what's going through our minds. Whenever anyone listens to any one of our songs, we know that there is a chance to tell them something. We try to never let that chance slip by. 

J: Yes, our songs are made to uplift people’s spirits and inspire them to be the best of themselves and to love. Love is the most important key to living an amazing life. 

N: Yes! When I write songs I really want them to affect somebody, even if it’s just one person in the crowd. I want them to feel and understand what I am saying, and be changed for the better! 

KSY:When you are not singing, what do you like to do? 
K: I love to read, and I love to watch anime, and yes, I also like to study, lol! 

M: I like to practice acting and write screenplays. I like to do that when I feel like I need a break, lol. 

J: I like to hangout with friends, play lots of fun games, get physical activity, mess around with technology, and create. 

N: I like to act, and practice Korean! I really love Sci-Fi shows and Korean dramas. I also love fashion, like, I’m always making clothing and things in my little sewing area! 

KSY:If you could give advice to someone who wanted to follow in your footsteps, what would you tell them?
K: Follow your dreams, don't be afraid to make mistakes, and listen to constructive criticism. Every failure is a step forward, if you keep trying. 

M: I would say to be the best that you can possibly be, at whatever you want to do, as long as what you do makes you happy and is good for you. And I would also say to be yourself, no matter what. 

J: I would tell them to stay focused and be determined. 

N: To work hard, and that some sacrifices will have to be made, big or small, but most of all, that no one can steal your dreams, or stop you from making your dreams come true. Only you are in control of that! 

KSY:Are you seeking fame and fortune? 
K: Yes, I want to be legendary in the entertainment business! Not only for myself and my family, but for the people who want to hear us. 

M: I would say... yes. Fame more than fortune, because I feel like if you have the right type of fame, you can do way more for this world than you can with an abundance of money. 

J: Yes, but for the right reasons. :) 

N: Yes! The more fans and followers the better! The more people we can reach with our message, which is basically to love yourself and love others, the better. 

KSY:Can we expect an upcoming CD?
K: Yes! In fact we recently released our K-pop mixtape “B-Pop” on YouTube (as a free download), and we're in the studio all the time working on our songs! 

M: Yes. Our debut album is being crafted in the laboratory right now. 

J: Yes, and more after that one! 

N: Yes! We are working on building up our material and our fan base! 

KSY:Outside of singing, do you have any other aspirations?
K: Yes, I want to study in the medical field in hopes of becoming a heart surgeon. Still, singing will always come first in my heart. 

M: Definitely. I want to create and act in movies. It's something I think about every single day. 

J: I want to be an actor, fashion designer, dancer, and psychologist. 

N: To become a famous actress, a designer, and to major in marine biology! 

KSY:Do you have any upcoming events or projects?
K: Yes, follow us on Twitter @BelovedSister and subscribe to us on YouTube to hear about our newest projects and activities! We're constantly posting and updating for our fans! Check out our “B-Pop Mixtape” and live performances on YouTube. Look forward to finding us on iTunes really, really soon! 

M: We do! Our website is BelovedSisterOnline.com, and has everything there is to know about Beloved Sister and what we're doing, and so does our Facebook. It's like a newsletter/conversation because anyone can contact us whenever they want and we always respond in time. Thanks so much K.S.Y.! (^_^ ) 

J: Our website shows all information on upcoming events and projects, and has all the links to our other pages: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and even more. 

N: We are going to be releasing a music video soon! Oh, and our new song, “We Can Do This” will be on iTunes soon! (YAY!!) If you want to get all the latest info as it happens, like our Facebook page (facebook.com/BelovedSister). Thank you KSYonline! And to all our fans out there, WE LOVE U!!!! \(^_^ )/ ♥♥♥♥ 

** Beloved Sister mixtape EP, "B-Pop Mixtape [The K-Pop Remixes]", is available as a free download on HotNewHipHop [http://bit.ly/bpopmixtape_hnhh], and the videos can be watched on a YouTube playlist [http://bit.ly/bpopvideos]. 

Special thanks to Don,The Beloved Sister Team and Beloved Sister for making this possible.



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