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Terrance Williams : The Newest Artist on SNMG


Terrance "Loudmouth" Williams is an urban recording artist based in the Baltimore-Washington D.C. region. He broke onto the underground music scene at the age of 18 with his first mixtape "Loudmouth" back in early 2010. Since then, the singer-songwriter and spoken word poet has released two other mixtapes, and is currently recording his fourth to be released in April of 2013. Williams describes his music as brash, analytical, and an 'overall hell of a good time'.You can keep up with his music and news , on his twitter page(@twloudmouth),
and his official bandcamp site (terrancewilliams.bandcamp.com)

I was recently contacted by J Swagg to feature him and his new artist on KSY. I love to support the upcoming artist  and watch their careers flourish. here is our exclusive:

KSY:Tell us about yourself?

TW:I'm Terrance "Loudmouth" Williams, I'm 21 and I'm an artist from the DMV on the come up...

KSY:How did you meet Javaris a.k.a J Swagg? Why did you decided to sign with  SNMG Entertainment?

TW:We actually followed each other on Facebook...And I have no idea why the hell we did...But one day I saw him tweeting about his music, so I sent him a link you know...No big deal...And he hit me back like "Yooo I really fuck with your music, we should work together!!" And I'm like...okay...I got no objection to it lol.

KSY:Do you feel that your  music is autobiographical and a depiction of who you as an artist?

TW:Most definitely. My music is a reflection of whatever is taking place in my life at that given moment. If I'm happy I'll write happy songs. If I wanna blow shit up, the songs will be a little more.......violent.

KSY:You have released 3 Albums :Loudmouth (2010)  Loudmouth 2: Campus Adventures at MSU (2011) Heiroglyphics Act ! The college Kid Monologues (2012) now you are releasing your fourth  album  on April 2013  what makes this album different? What can fans expect from this new album? 
TW:I'm flattered that you call them albums...They're mixtapes though. However, the thing that really sets this one apart, is I feel like my personality comes out more in this project than ever before. You're not getting just a SLICE of who I am on this project...You're getting the entire deep dish pizza!

KSY:When did you decide singing was something you wanted to do?
TW:The moment I climbed out of my mother's womb.

KSY:What is the music scene like in Washington?
  TW: I will say that there's a great deal of talent in the rap game...But I think the singers coming from the area are a bit underappreciated. However, that is subject to change sooner or later.

KSY:If  you could advice to someone who wanted to follow in your footsteps what advice would you give?
TW:If making music makes you happy, get in the studio...If exotic dancing makes you happy, then do it...I've learned that you can't live your life trying to achieve what others consider to be success..Fuck the societal meters of accomplishment..If you're happy with what your doing, then keep doing it. It may not be that simple for everyone, but for a lot of us, I think it is.

KSY:Your new album what is title of it? Who are the producers that you worked with? will there be any singles released? how would you define the sound or genre of music you sing?

TW:Me and my team are still trying to think of a good title. But when we do choose one, it'll be one that isn't taking iself to seriously...Something fun, something to show off my comedic, sarcastic, witty side. As far as production, that has been handled by myself, Droyd of ROSMG, and SEVNTNTH [17TH]. Sometimes they'll hand me a beat, and I like it the way it is, and other times I'll show up with a video game sample or some crazy shit, and tell them where I wanna go with each beat. And YES! I wanna release at least 3 singles, and film at least 2 music videos for those singles. The genre of music on this project isn't limited to just R&B. You got some trip-hop in there, some classic reggae vibes in there, even some electronica in there. It's really eclectic and experimental at the same time.

KSY:You use to have a Youtube channel will you start back up loading new videos?

TW:I honestly thought no one knew about that, but about 2, 3 years ago I used to put up covers of some of my favorite songs. I might start doing that again one day...But right now, I'm mainly just working on original material...I'd love to get into the studio one day and put together a project of some of my favorite covers.

KSY:Aside from singing  what else do you  love to do?

TW:Spoken word poetry! Myself along with a few of my friends run a poetry organization at Morgan State University called "Bearly Poets". Even outside of that there's a booming poetry scene in Baltimore, including this really festive monthly event held by local poets called Poets for Dinner. It's a potluck dinner held at someone's [I forgot who] house. We get together and eat, and share poetry for hours! I even encorporate spoken word into the music. So that's definitely my second love

KSY: How can fans reach you? are you on FB or Twitter?

TW:Yes! I'm on twitter [@twloudmouth] I'm on bandcamp [terrancewilliams.bandcamp.com] and even though I'm slacking on it, I'm on tumblr as well [twloudmouth.tumblr.com]

KSY:Do you have any upcoming projects or events?

TW: Outside of the new project coming in April, I'm putting out a little holiday EP on December 20th, 2012, as well as my first mixtape LP of spoken word poetry in the summer. So I'll definitely be busy next year. 

 I want to share with you my favorite song it is called :Skyline 

Special thanks to J Swagg and Terrance Williams for making this exclusive possible


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