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Remedy Da Franchise: Is A Women On Fire


I came across Remedy Da Franchise on acess4artist and I asked her if it was possible that we could do an exclusive.she agree. here is an intro worth of new era of hip hop royalty.

Growing up in a musically inclined family, it was only a matter of time before Brandie Cherise Green would discover her niche for creating music. Soon to be known as Remedy, Brandie was born in Syracuse, NY and relocated to Orlando, FL a few years later. After years of sports and becoming a basketball phenom, she rediscovered her musical roots while writing and taking her first jabs at rapping. At the tender age of 13, an injury caused her to divert her attention from sports and direct attention toward her music. She became more familiar with studio equipment, recording programs, and even production programs. Remedy began to attract the attention of thousands on MySpace.com (later spreading to facebook.com, twitter.com, youtube.com, etc) and even caught the eye of hundreds of other artists, managers, and producers. At the current age of 20, she has: released 2 independent mixtapes ("The Flow is Sick" and "The Lost First Lady of Self Made Ent") , her highly anticipated "Changing Faces" street album, been featured on numerous blog sites and music databases, earned slots on a number of compilation mixtapes, been nominated two years in a row for "Best Female Artist" at the annual Orlando Hip Hop Awards, has been interviewed by and earned consistent radio play on several internet and underground stations, appeared on Brighthouse Channel 57 in NYC, performed in several different cities, and earned a number of club spins on top of downloads/views by the thousands each on her videos and mp3s. Still very youthful and full of energy and confidence, Remedy is getting closer and closer to her dream of being a major artist and taking her place among the great entertainers of our time. As she likes to say...we should "Witness the Franchise".

KSY:Where did the name Remedy Da Franchise come from?

R:Remedy Da Franchise explains who I am as an individual. Knowledge and drive. Independence. I wanted a name that summed it up and eventually the stars aligned and it stuck.

KSY:Who is Brandie C. Green ? Do you feel like Remedy is a persona?

R:Some people may feel that way but I feel like Remedy is just a name for my emotions in a way. I am Brandie all the time. But when I am in the music realm, Remedy is what people are seeing. She's the way I explain myself to the public. 

KSY:You are creating a female MC 's alliance with other female MC's how did you meet and how did this come about?

R:There is way too many to explain. I have met so many talented female MC's through my years of doing this music thing and anytime an opportunity to collaborate with talented, driven people arises, I go for it. As a person who feels females need to be more openly supportive of other females they respect, it only makes sense that I practice what I preach. The game tends to make females feel like they HAVE to be alone.

KSY:As a female MC's do you feel that more women should collaborate with other female artist?

R:Most definitely. Why not? Guys collaborate with guys all the time... why shouldn't we? It makes no sense to not collaborate with someone because they are the same gender as you lol. We've really got to do better as a whole!

KSY:When you listen to the radio what do you feel is missing in the music industry? Who are you listening to in your iPod?

R:Honestly, I feel like the people are missing. The public doesn't really decide who they hear on the radio like that anymore thanks to the recent changes. I've ran into a lot of people who really refuse to listen to the radio because they don't play enough variety of the artists they feel should be heard. As far as my iPod is concerned, I'm stuck in the old days. I listen to a lot of old school music.

To see the complete video[Click Here]

KSY:If you could give advice to anyone who wanted to follow in your footsteps what would you tell them?

R:Know your business and understand that after it is all said and done...THIS IS A BUSINESS. You have to be aware of people and their motives, and you have to have knowledge of how everything works. There will be tons of people you come across who won't have your best interest at heart. The only way to protect yourself and your gift is to KNOW HOW to do it. Research, study, ask questions, and seek help from people who are less likely to have ulterior motives.

KSY:What artist or producer would  you like to collaborate with and why?

R:I really want to work with Timbaland and Missy the most. They are a big part of my influence to go after this music thing to begin with.

KSY:What is the music scene like in Orlando FL? Are there any artist that we should look out for?

R:TONS!  Orlando has a lot of untapped talent. Just to name a few of the artist that I have been working with: Skyy High, Miss P, Semi Ice, Chuck Dee, 1 Dawg, Clint Dawg, Yung BB, D Rugg, Stefon4u, Wreck Wregular, Twan D, and the list just goes on and on! There is a ton of talent here that needs to be scene. Caskey, who was recently signed to YMCMB is from here as well. That alone is just a small piece of it all... many artists with many styles.

KSY:Do you believe if you never had your sport injury do you think your life would have taken a different course?

R:Definitely. I probably wouldn't even be doing this interview right now. More than likely, I'd still be at my former college preparing for the next ball game and music would still be a hobby. My initial dream was to go pro playing ball and music was just something I did to have fun. Without the injury, I wouldn't have taken the time to put so much into it. Music became my refuge and peace of mind after I could no longer play ball.

KSY:You have said in Hip Rock Magazine  that would like to branch off and get into acting what type of movies would like to star in? Who would you pick as your leading man?

R:I think I would like to be in action movies. Maybe some drama ones as well. As far as my leading man.... LOL.... good question. I have my eyes on a few guys that I wouldn't mind teaming up with in front of a camera. Romeo is very nice looking and I also wouldn't mind Taylor Lautner... I think that they are both SEXY!

KSY:You had an event on Dec. 2, 2012 Life's a Label Fashion Show in Orlando FL tell us how this came about? and what was this event is all about?

R:Etoile Boutique, which is one of my sponsors, was involved in the event and I pretty much got involved within their participation of the event. It was a fashion show to raise money for AIDS awareness and they had some of the local designers come out and get a chance to gain some more exposure of their designs. There was a ton of dope pieces that I saw on that runway!


KSY:Do you have any upcoming events?

R:As far as live appearances, I am pretty much done for 2012. I have a lot of things in the works for 2013 that have yet to be announce though! New music and videos will be released until then so just make sure you keep checking www.remedydafranchise.com to stay up to date!

Special Thanks to Remedy Da Franchise


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