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Nathalie Hernandez: Never giving up


Nathalie Hernadez was born in 1996 in New York City. She is of Peruvian and British decent. Though neither of her parents are musicians, Nathalie was raised in a home where music was an important part of her life.
At age 10, Nathalie asked her parents if she could learn to play the guitar. Soon thereafter, she began her guitar lessons and quickly made progress. When she was 11 she was cast in a play through her local community youth theater. Included in the play was a talent show, allowing the kids to show off their individual talents. Nathalie wanted to sing a song but she was told she could not because of copyright laws. But that was but a small obstacle for this very determined girl who basically said "no problem, I'll write my own song." It turned out she had a gift for song writing and has been writing songs ever since.

I recently reached out to Nathalie to do an exclusive with me. here is our exclusive: 

KSY:Tell us about your experience on being part of the voice season 3 as a contestants? Why did you audition for The Voice?

NH:For my blind audition, I sang White Horse by Taylor Swift. I’m happy I got to sing a song I love. The whole experience was surreal. I had no idea what was going to happen once the music started. The audience was quiet waiting to hear what I had to offer. And then I just started to sing my very best ever though I was so nervous! I am so grateful for having the opportunity to sing in front of four amazing artists. The Voice has opened up so many doors for me; I can't tell you how many awesome experiences I’ve had because of The Voice. I learn what it’s like to be back stage and everything that goes on behind the scenes. I have met some very talented people that have taught me how to make myself grow as an artist. It was definitely a life-changing experience.

KSY:You are 4.0 student how do you balance school and singing?

NH:I balance school and singing by just keeping myself motivated. Keeping a list and reminding myself what needs to get done. And then when I’m just relaxing and having some down time, I’ll pick up my guitar and just play and sing. As well as just naturally singing when I feel like it, I take guitar and singing lessons which give me some time to sit down with my teachers and practice hardcore. Also, my wonderful parents have been a part in keeping me on track, always telling me to never give up!

KSY: What singing techniques did Christina teach you that you will use from now on?

NH:Singing techniques that Christina taught me were to let go and just sing it how you feel it. Simpler as that sounds, it means a lot more than what you would think. While we were rehearsing I would just give it all I had and I learn to do things with my voice I didn’t know I had the ability to do. I learn to become a more individual artist and learn who I am as an artist.

KSY:What has your life been like post The Voice? Has life settled back to normal?

NH:Life has definitely not settled back to normal and I hope it never will! I have a bigger fan base than I did before and I am so thankful to my fans that take the time to listen to my original songs and covers that have not been associated with The Voice. I have been singing out a lot more than I did before at many different events like “Kidswith Cancer Holiday Event” and “Doctor Idol”. I even got to sing the National Anthem for the Buccaneers VS Falcons NFL game which was on the 25 of November! I have also met some very nice and supportive people that have helped me build my career.

KSY:You have gain a loyal fanbase on your social media sites Facebook,Twitter and Youtube What has your  fans said to you, to keep you encourage?

NH: It's so touching to see how many fans have reached out to me and were moved by my story and performances. I'm not lying when I say people from all over the world have either contacted me through my website or twitter just to tell me how much they liked my performances. And it is people of all different ages supporting my music too! Of course I was heartbroken when I didn't win my battle or get stolen, but my fans kept encouraging me to keep posting stuff and that regardless if I was on The Voice anymore or not, they would listen to my music because they genuinely like me as an artist. I really don't care about the money or the contracts; I just want people to enjoy listening to me and to be able to relate to my music.  

KSY:When you are not performing where do you and your friends like to hangout?

NH:When I'm not performing, I'm doing the regular teenage thing. Going to the beautiful beaches of Florida, going to the movies, going shopping, or just staying at my house and having sleepovers! I love going to Busch Gardens with my friends which is my favorite amusement park to go to! But definitely one of my favorite things to do is go to USF football games. My brother is a student there and we always have so much fun!

KSY: You have 2 more years of school what are your plans after high school?

NH:After high school, I want to go to a college that is primarily for music. I want to major in the music field, I just don't know what exactly yet! I have to say, every time I imagine myself older, I see myself in the beautiful New York City atmosphere.

KSY:Are you working on any new music? when you write songs where do you draw your inspiration from?

NH:I'm always working on new music whether I'm learning a new cover song or writing a new song, I'm always singing! I draw my inspiration from what I feel. I have been asked to write for a couple tracks and to write about a specific topic, but it's easier for me to write songs when I have some sort of emotion behind it. If you listen to my original music, there’s always a story to be told. And my fans who listen to my music are also my inspiration because they can relate to my music.

KSY: Is there a CD in the works?

NH:There has actually already been a CD released! It only has 8 songs on it at the moments, seven originals and one cover. They are also available separately as singles on ITunes or if you just want to check them out, they are all on YouTube as well. I am going to be recording some new stuff soon!  

KSY:Besides your parents who is your biggest supporter's?

NH:Besides my parents, my biggest supporters are my fans that have discovered me from The Voice. Of course, my entire family and my friends have also been very supportive, but that's their job! They have to like me! My fans have been such an inspiration to keep writing and singing! They always take the time to write something meaningful on my videos or write something positive on my tweets. It's incredible.

KSY:If you could give advice to anyone who wanted to follow in your footstep's what would you tell them?

NH:If someone wanted to follow in my footsteps, my advice to them would be if you really have a dream, don’t stop at the minimum. Give it your all. And I know that is a very generic saying, but it’s true! It makes me emotional when I think about how lucky I am to have had this opportunity. I did a lot of talent competitions, a lot of little singing recitals, and FINALLY something came up! The Voice. I have so many friends that love to sing and are so talented but don't get recognized, so they just forget about it. But you can't give up! You have to keep trying, keep putting yourself out there, and keep doing above what "normal" 
is. Just keep doing what you love!

KSY:Do you have any upcoming projects or events?

NH:I have a few little Christmas gigs here and there but I am always happy to sing at any event so please spread the word! I would be honored to be asked to sing at anything! Either contact me through my website: nathaliehernandez.com or twitter: nathalie_FLgirl. You can also follow me on instagram: nathalieruthhernandez and stay updated by liking my facebook fanpage!

Special thanks to : Nathalie Hernandez 



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