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Naima Mora:Model Behavior

I have to say that I have watched every ANTM so I was more then excited when I had the opportunity to interview Naima Mora.

Naima Mora is a native Detroiter and the winner of America's Next Top Model Cycle 4 she has been in numerous publication such as : CoverGirl, ELLE Magazine, Fuego Magazine, US Weekly Magazine, Radaar Magazine, IN Touch Magazine, Star Magazine, Teen People Magazine, Split Clothing, and Jazz Album Samsung. she has done runways show which include Christopher Deane Spring 2006 Collection, Gharani Strok Fall 2005, Carlos Miele Fashion Show, Walmart and ELLEgirl Presents Dare To Be You Spring 2006, Fashion Comedy Style 2005 (Charity Event), and New York Fashion Week 2007. Most recently she has added author and host to her growing resume with the release of her book called Model Behavior which was released in September 2012.  If that is not enough she will be hosting The Fashion Walk this Weekend Saturday December 8, 2012. so here is our interview:

KSY:What direction has your career taken since ANTM?

N:Well of course I have had a great career in modeling, having landed some major beauty campaigns and walked numerous fashion weeks. It has been quite a joy to be able to have pursued my dreams of becoming a model and done so successfully! I also have my rock band Galaxy Of Tar! It's really exciting to be able to work as a musician and create art of my own. Galaxy Of Tar is actually going to be releasing our sophomore album in January 2013! You can find our music at http://galaxyoftar.bandcamp.com
I also have had the fortune of recently becoming a published author! My first book is called MODEL BEHAVIOR and is an inspirational book for young people based on my career in the fashion industry and experiences in lifeKSY:You recently released a new book called "Model Behavior" at this point in your career what made you want to add author to your already growing resume?

N:I actually went to college as an English Major. So writing has always been a part of my life. I write poetically for the lyrics of my music with Galaxy Of Tar as well. I really wanted to transition into the next phase of my life and my career within the fashion industry. I wanted to turn my experiences in life, in fashion and as a reality television personality into something tangible and inspiring for people all over the world. 

KSY:What is your modeling career been like Post ANTM?

N:Every year has been a learning experience! I have learned so much about fashion, style, business and myself within my career as a model since winning ANTM. I have had to work very hard to land the campaigns I did and all the fashion shows and editorial magazine work. I have had the pleasure to work with some of the most creative people I have ever met.

KSY:You are hosting Walk Fashion Show on December 8,2012 at the Charles H. Wright Museum can you tell us how this opportunity came about? and What is the Walk Fashion Show?

N:The Walk Fashion Show is an amazing, full day event filled with fashion, fun and entertainment. It is a platform to give opportunity to local Detroit designers to showcase their work. During the intermission, attendees can network, socialize and partake in some shopping from local vendors. The museum will also be having a membership drive, which I strongly support! Mr Daishawn Franklin and Crystal Bailey reached out and asked if I would help support the event, and I am always so excited about being a part of events held in my home town!

Image[ walkfashionshow.com]

KSY:How often do you get a chance to visit your hometown Detroit?

N:I visit about once a year. Which is not enough for me, but I am working very hard in my endeavors to really make something of myself and make my fellow detroiters proud!

KSY:If you could give advice to anyone who wanted to follow in your footsteps what advice would you give?

N:Keep your integrity and don't be afraid to follow your dreams and explore life! Also on my Model Behavior Blog, I am going to be releasing a sereis of blogs on how to start your modeling career and make it successful! If you subscribe there you can get first hand advice on becoming a successful model based on my real life experience in the fashion industry. The blog is at http://NaimaMoraOnline.com

KSY:How have you learned to handle the demands of you career?

N:With a lot of patience and integrity! In fashion there are some really HUGE personalities, and not all of them are agreeable all the time. You really just have to be patient, professional and always show everyone  the same respect you would expect to be given yourself. 


KSY:How do you juggle modeling and music?

N:I meditate every morning and evening as I am a buddhist, and it really helps to keep me grounded, focussed and concentrated on what my goals are in life. I also keep an agenda book handy at all times!

KSY:What are your 5 make up essentials in your makeup bag?

N:Inner strength, integrety, creative ballance, grace and mascarra.

KSY:You are currently in the studio with your band Galaxy of Tar are you recording new music?Can you introduce us to your band? Where did this love for music come from?

N: Both my parents are musicians. I come from a family of artists and it has rubbed off on me. I am a writer, and for a long time I was looking for a way to incorporate my passion for the literary arts into my passion for music. My best friend Elias Diaz V. offered me the opportunity to work with him musically and over the years it has blossomed into our most current project Galaxy Of Tar. We just finished recording and are in the final phases of releasing our new sophomore album! It will be released in January 2013! All of our music is available at http://GalaxyOfTar.bandcamp.com


What is next for Naima? Do you have any upcoming events or projects?

My publisher at Possibility Publishing and I are working on my next book called Model Citizen.Fans from all over the world can submit their own story of courage, strength and victory at my blog ( http://naimamoraonline.com/fan-corner ) and a collection of these stories will be compiled to create Model Citizen! Its a super exciting endeavor to be able to become a co-author with my fans from all over the world to create another book of encouragement and inspiration!
Also, my band Galaxy Of Tar will be on tour around the United States, come check us out!

*Note If you would like to help Naima write her next book Model Citizen Submit Your
"Fan Story" to

 To stay connected with Naima:

@NaimaMora on Official Twitter Site
http://naimamoraonline.com/ Naima's Writer Blog
https://www.facebook.com/naimamoraonline Personal Page on Facebook
http://www.galaxyoftar.com/ Galaxy of Tar Naima's Band Website

Special thanks to Naima and Tracey Savalle CEO/Publisher of Possibility Publishing for making this interveiw happen.


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