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Jordan Riley: A God Sent

When thinking about music and artists, the conclusions we draw seem simple and we don’t often wander very far down the path to discovery by just scratching the surface. Looking at the life and artistry of Jordan Riley offers a fresh perspective not often seen in today’s world; not because he is better or greater than his peers, but because his goal and calling offers us more than just music.

To hear the music is to hear a heart that beats with a different message than what we often hear blaring through a stereo or screaming for our attention through the noise of everyday life.
“My love of music began at an early age when I would sing in church. As I got older I began to see other artists using their talents for things that didn’t really matter. It was in high school that I went to my first professional concert and by the end of the night I knew that I had been deeply affected in a powerful way,” says Jordan. “It wasn’t the music that had effected my as much as the message and the way the artist had shown their concern for me. I felt like I was being spoken to like I was the only one in the room. It was at that point that I began to reconsider how I could use my gift to do the same thing but for others.”

Jordan’s music offers help and hope. He shares, “My music talks about personal and sometimes private issues that most people would rather not share, but in doing so they not only see that its ok to talk about their issues, but that you can make it through things no matter how hard they may seem.” 

These “personal issues” are shared in the song, “Catch Me.” Jordan shares, “’Catch Me’ is a snapshot into a piece of my past. I guess you could say that ‘Catch Me’ was me crying out for acceptance which I felt that I didn’t have much of growing up. Many times when we go through rough times and we fall hard in life people seem to be far away from you and you feel like you are going through it alone. ‘Catch Me’ deals with the turmoil people feel in their heart when they are caught up in life’s crazy times.”

I was on Fame Tube a couple of weeks ago looking for new talent to feature on my site and I came across Jordan. we exchange a few email to discuss  a possible interview. and here is our exclusive:

KSY:Tell us about yourself?

J:I am a Christian pop/rock singer who has a heart for people. I have always been someone who doesn’t want to just entertain, I want to use my talents/songs to inspire, unite and encourage  people as they go through their daily lives. Most of my younger years I was so shy and introverted and I never thought I would be a professional recording artist,but I realized that I had something to say deep inside and that there were people who needed to hear it.I am passionate about connecting with my audience and fans  and I do whatever it takes to make myself available for them before,during or after concerts.

KSY:What made you decide to display your talent's on Fame Tube?

The main reason why I chose Fame Tube was because most Christian radio stations will not play my music,because unless you are signed or have a HUGE marketing budget they just won't deal with you. Also with the fact that I am donating all the proceeds from my new single to help clothe and feed the homeless I was looking for ways to get the song out there in a big way and help do some good for those that need it the most.

KSY:How have you seen God work's during your concerts? 
 J: I have seen God work in so many ways at my concerts.I have seen people
get healed right
 on  the spot, I have seen broken relationship come back together ,and on tour in Virginia,I got to see a mother who was on her way out of town  to commit  suicide  because of severe depression  she had her life touched by God and wanted to live and drove back to her family after my concert.But I am most excited by the amount of  people who have turned their lives over to Christ at my concerts To know that God is working and that things that
will last for an eternity like someones soul is happening at my shows is why I do what I do.

 KSY:If I was to attend one of your concert what is the message that I would walk away with?

J:The biggest message you would get, is that of HOPE. We all struggle with
things in our lives, and my goal is to let people know that not only am I there for
them as an artist but God is there for them every day and every step of their lives. I
also make sure that the message I share is one that helps people to realize that no
matter what was in your past, God can wipe it clean and give you a fresh start.

KSY:What states haven't you travel to yet but would like to go? 

J:The two states that I have not traveled to would be Texas and Alaska. Something about those two massive states that just draws me in. I have been hoping to get to Texas for sometime now, but am still waiting for the right opportunity.

KSY:Was there ever a time where you were in a heavy place and you saw God's grace pull you out from that place that you could share with us?

J: Yes, when I first had started my career as a professional singer,I had developed a fairly big ego and was becoming someone I didn’t recognize. I was taking all the credit and glory
 for myself. One day while having my hair dyed at a salon I breathed in the hair dye chemicals and started choking I lost all ability to sing,and found out from the Dr’s that
 I had chemical burns on my vocal chords.I was so depressed  ,and for 6 weeks
 I was in one of the darkest places of my life.My career was all but gone, and I just felt very alone One night while taking a bath  I finally prayed(which I hadn’t in a while)and asked    God to give me my voice back, I said “God, I will do anything if you give it back to me.” I heard this small voice say, “anything?”I knew it was God, and I said, yes God anything. I made a promise right there that I would  use my voice and my career to point
 people to Him and to not go back to my old ways. Instantly my voice was restored
 and I sat there in the tub crying and singing for probably about a half an hour.

KSY:Your music is so relatable it's as if the God is whispering to whom ever is listen to the music where does that writing ability come from?How do you write music that your audience can connect with?

 J:I believe that my music really comes from my own life,which is why I think most people can relate to what I am singing about.  I don't write fluffy stuff.A lot of my songs will come
 from a situation or something that happened to me (good or bad). I think that being that open. and being  transparent helps people to connect with what I went through with things they have gone through or are going through  at that moment.As far as the ability to write songs,I don’t think I am a very good song writer, I just write what is on my heart and it seems to flow out on the paper and together with the music brings out a great message.

KSY:What was the creative process behind the lyrics for Do you see what I see(Do youHear what I hear? 

J:A songwriter friend of mine along with my producer and myself all helped
   to mold a song that was meant to be a call to action. We wanted this song
    to be something that people would hear and would cause them to ask the question,
    how can I make a difference? A combination of lyrical imagery and a question
    like “do you see what I see” was a powerful combination.

KSY:Can we except a cd or new music soon? 

J:Yes, actually I am busy finishing up writing my new single called Make Things Better. It is going to be something different compared to what I have been doing over the past year. The song should be done and a music shot and ready for everyone in the next month or so. As far as a CD, I am still figuring out what I want to do and the direction I want my music to take, but I would hope to have a CD out by the end of summer 2013 .

KSY:What is the next phrase of your career?

 J:Given the success from my latest single, I am expanding what I do and how I do things.
 I don’t want to just do concerts to a particular age audience. I want to reach more people,
 I am hoping to be more of a spokesperson and advocate for those who are hurting,
hungry and homeless. I also hope to branch out and finally tour abroad to different countries.

KSY:What are you going to cherish the most this holiday season?

J:Other than spending time with my family and friends, I will cherish the overwhelming responses I have been getting with my new single. The fact that  TV and Radio stations are interviewing me and helping me spread the word about the song is unreal. And the fact that I will get to turn it all over to three different charities to help others will be a highlight.  

KSY:Do you have any upcoming events? 

J:Yes, I have two big charity fundraisers in Washington State on January 26th and March 2nd, and I will be out in Kansas City Missouri on Feb 17th for another big event.Other than that, we are putting together my new and upcoming WHAT DO YOU SEE Concert Tour that will hopefully start in the summer.

To stay connected  go directly to his website at: jordanrileymusic.com/ 
Facebook: Jordan Riley

Listen to his recent interveiw on KOMO 97.7 [Click Here]

Special Thanks to Jordan Riley for doing this exclusive.





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