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J Swagg: Fortune and Fame


Javaris Neely (a.k.a J Swagg) was born on August 19th, 1990 in the state of Florida(Tampa FL). Javaris later moved to West Palm Beach, Florida at the age of six. He developed a love for rap music at the age of 12.In 2003, he formed a Hip-Hop musical group named “The Florida Boyz” but the group never released any music. As a result, J Swagg decided to started to pursue a  solo career.After recording a ton of songs he started uploading music to different social networks and mixtape sites.According To @NextBigSoung JSwagg Has approximately reached 20,000+ Fans with 500,000 profile views,Over 150,000+ Video views via @Youtube With over 17,000= Followers on twitter.After so much internet success Javaris decided to release more online mixtapes through datpiff,thatcrack,billboard mixtapes etc,As of Nov.2012 He has Released 15+ mixtapes totaling an estimate of 50,000+ listens/Downloads.J Swagg Is Set To Release his worldwide debut album December 18th,2012 featuring Blaine-R & Loco Da Truth.He has released two singles from his albums titled:"So Bad"(June 25th,2012) And "Fall Out" Featuring Blaine-R(Nov.11th,2012)

KSY:Can you tell us about your new Album entitled: Fortune and Fame that debuts 12-18-12? What is your favorite track  on the Album and why?

J:Well,my album "Fortune & Fame" is different from any other hip-hop album, I chose not to get lyrical on it,don't get me wrong,I spit bars on it,but my main focus was to be myself,don't imitate others,just have fun overall and make good music,that was my whole motto recording the album.My favorite track on the album is called:"Cali Life",I was sitting in the studio when I came up this track,the track has an inspirational feel to it,I feel this track can inspire people to want/achieve more in they lifetime regardless how long it take.

KSY:Do you think that your Album Fortune and Fame will out download your mixtape Respect Me or Hate me?

J:Of course,Fortune & Fame is gonna do numbers,Respect me or hate me was (alright),I was a lil dissapointed in my numbers but I promise to make it up with my debut album.

KSY: If you could give someone who wanted to follow in your footsteps advice what would you tell them?
J:I would tell them:"Pursue your dreams regardless of what others tell you",People always gonna hate regardless if you doing good/bad things"...........JUST LIVE LIFE

KSY:What do you think is one attribute all artist must have to make it in the music industry?
J:One attribute I would say from first hand experience is:"Don't put your career in nobody hands",there is gonna be people who come into your life who gonna tell you things like "I'm gonna make you a star overnight",that's not gonna happen,so work your A** off,besides that be different and do what makes you feel good....

KSY:How do you come up with your lyrical content? How would you define your music? (Is it for the club? for the radio?)
J:It comes natural to me,I define my music as commercial,somewhat for the ladies cause that's my target audience but my music can touch all places:club,radio whatever.

KSY:To date on Datiff your mixtape "Respect or Hate Me" has 11,745 views 521 streams and 87 downloads. Youtube  157,641 video views , 17,842 Twitter followers,  1,758  Facebook fans How did establish this type of notoriety and fanbase?

J:Wow,its a lil more that lol,but I mean,I basically live on the internet,I promote my music on social networks 24/7,last year October I had about 2,000 twitter followers,34,000 youtube views,so I told myself I gotta get these numbers up,and I did just that.

KSY:Are you seeking Fame and Fortune? what will you do with your new found fame?
J:Yea I'm seeking Fortune & Fame,I wanna be a legend(always remembered for the things I do),To me,its bigger than music,I'm still gonna be the same person with money or without it,but with the new found fame,I  plan to help others,start a foundation for the unfortunate kids/homeless.

KSY:How did you pick your stage name?
J:I was joking around with a friend of mine trying to come up with a new name,my old stage name was:Yung Jay",to many people had that,so I came up with "J Swagg" which stands for:"(J)ust (S)wagg (W)henever (A)nd (G)et (G)irls"......

KSY:Why do you think there are so many beefs in the hip hop community?
J:First off,beef  are  stupid,I feel there is no reason to beef,I actually feel like people beef to gain attention,its one thing to say you don't like an artist,its your opinion,say whatever on your mind,but when it comes to making diss records that's lame to me,I don't respect that at all.

KSY:Who were your earlier rap influences?

J:My earlier influences are:Michael Jackson,Biggie,Tupac,Stevie wonder,Lil Wayne,50 Cent......all those are greats,I wanna be bigger than them,I feel I can make that happen.

KSY:What is the next phases of your career? You have a record label called SNMG Entertainment where you develop new artist can you tell us how you have found a balance to be a artist and run a success label?
J:Next phase of my career is just building my brand,promoting my album,and help build my artist I have on the record label.My Label is Called "SwaggNationMafiaGang",we gonna be an empire soon because each artist on the label is special in there own way.Its hard being an artist and a boss but its no biggie,I deal with it and make a way for it because I love it.I Just recently opened up to workin with other artists,I never did it before but with the things I know,I'm capable of helping my artists get to the next level.

KSY:You have a new artist on your label can you tell us about him?
J:Well  I just signed an artist named:"Terrance Williams",He is a student at Morgan State in Baltimore,Md.He Is A Musical Beast/Genius,he style id different from most singers,I consider him the "Wale" Of R&B...He's That Dope.

KSY: Is there other artist that we should be made aware of?
J:Another artist you should look out for is my brother:"Loco Da Truth",he is the Co-Ceo of #SNMG,His album coming soon,he a dope rapper hands down,You Also Got Blayne-R,Dope Singer From Arizona,His voice is amazing,you will fall in love once you hear it(No homo).


KSY:Do you have any upcoming projects or events?
J:Im workin on a new mixtape,but not in no rush to release it,I'm just gonna continue pushing the album for months.But I have a clothing line called #Tiki which launches in January 2013.
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