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Fashion Tag Detroit:Glamorous

For those of you who don't know me I am K.S.Young and I am the owner of this blog and the creator of Fashion Tag. you can follow me at @KSYonline.

Hi everyone I am bringing you another Fashion Tag this week is all about being Glamorous .

K is Modeling  a BK SLV dress (Speechless) now $38 and was $70

This look can be founded at JCPenny's.

Gold earrings no price.K is Modeling  Shirt $39.90 and Jeans $74.90 Purse: Gold $24.90

The shirt,jeans  and earrings can be founded at The Limited

The Purse can be founded at Express

K is Modeling  a Tuexedo jacket  $128.00 black blouse $49.90 and black pants $69.90 2nd look is Cabaret red Hndstth(Liz Calirborne) $35.00 

The Tuexedo look comes from the The Limited and Red Hndstth comes from JcPenny.

K is Modeling Peach lace mini dress $24.95 (DIVID by H&M) Earrings  N/A Nailpolish $45.90

The Peach dress comes from H&M 
Earrings comes from Express
Nail polish comes from Sephora

What do you think of these looks and want theme would like to see for #FashionTag?


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