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DMK: Bringing R&B Back

Damoli, Melanee and Kourtney

Hailing from Detroit, Michigan, these young ladies began their training at the
Winston Institute of the Arts, where they learned to sing with bands, and honed their
performance techniques doing musical plays for other local Detroit schools. The
girls are studied in voice, music, clarinet, piano, all this collectively since the age of 8
years old.

Today, the young ladies can proudly boast of having toured nationally and
internationally on musical stage plays, performed for Detroit’s annual Ribs & Soul
Festival, the Caribbean Festival, Metro Youth Day at Belle Isle and season
regulars performing the National Anthem for the Detroit Pistons.

DMK is influenced by some of the greatest voices of our century from Whitney
Houston to Beyonce to Anita Baker; as well as Chris Brown, Justin Bieber and The
Jackson 5.

When renowned artists come to Detroit, DMK gets the call to provide support
vocals. They’ve done this for the likes of jazz and R&B artists Jean Carne, Ali
Ollie Woodson, and Howard Hewitt to name a few.

DMK has appeared on Showtime at The Apollo as Kid Stars of Tomorrow, and
they’ve recently appeared on Centric and the BET network in the play Church Girl.
Susan Whitall of the Detroit News has written "The group has steps and pipes well
beyond their years".

DMK hold the title of 2012’s All Star Finale winners for BET’s 106 &
Park “Wild Out Wednesday” in the female R&B/Pop category

Look out for DMK as they reach for the moon, even if they miss,
they land among the stars

KSY:Can you introduce us to DMK? And what does DMK stand for?

DMK: DMK is a teenage girl group that is trying to bring the soul and the meaning back to music. DMK stands for our names, Damoli, Melanee, and Kourtney, but it means so much more to us after singing together for so long. We want DMK to be a household name. When people think of DMK we want them to think of class and sophistication. We want to be role models for the girl of our generation and younger.

KSY:How did DMK come about? And How long have you been together?

DMK:DMK started as a non profit music organization. When that program closed its doors, we decided to keep singing together, and DMK was born. We have been singing together for 9 years now.


KSY:There hasn't been a successful girl group in Motown since The Supreme and worldwide since Destiny's Child How will you play a role in reviving girl groups?

DMK:First, we definitely plan to stay true to ourselves. We want to make sure we deliver music that we love and what our fans and future fans want to hear. We also will continue to maintain the friendship and love that we already have within our group.

Image[DMKmusic twitter]

KSY:When you listen to the radio what do you feel is missing?And As a new singing group what do you feel you want to bring to the music industry?

DMK:Its been said before and will continue to be said until something is done about it, but what is missing from the music on the radio is substance. Many artists are now just concentrating on making music that is going to make them money. Respectful heartfelt music that's what is missing from the radio today. Gone are the days when you can sit in your car and sing your heart out to a song because 9 times out of 10, and relate. Being a new group, we want to bring soul and meaningful music back. We will make songs you can groove to.

KSY:Describe your genre of music?

DMK:Our main genre of music is Rhythm and Blues (R&B). It’s the music that tells a story, pulls out emotions, brings back memories, and makes you rock back and forth. Being from Motown, we understand the concept of “timeless music”. Our music will put you in the mind of the old school 90s r&b music with a new school twist, and Motor City twang

 KSY:When can we excepted a CD from you?

 DMK:We hope to release our debut album sometime next year.

KSY:Describe the music scene in the Motor city and how different it is from the Motown era? 

DMK:The main difference between the Motown Era and the music scene of the Motor City now is that the Detroit natives aren’t aware of all new upcoming artists. Back in the Motown Era, everyone new who the next artist was because you heard them on the radio and went to go see them whenever they had performances. The amount of support in Detroit now is very low. 

KSY:You have performed numerous ventures, most recently you performed on 106 and Park for Wild Out Wednesday Can you tell us about your experience?

DMK: It was a very exciting and intense experience. This was DMK’s very first actual contest. Most performances we do are showcases, but we’ve never in all our years of singing together have had to compete against other artists. Just making it onto the show was stimulating in itself, but to win the competition twice was the icing on the cake. Being on BET’s 106&Park was a humbling experience but it was also a confidence builder. We received national attention at that time. We knew if we can make it there, then its possible to become a successful worldwide r&b girl group.


KSY:Unfortunately most girl groups suffer the fate of disbanding how will you prevent this from happen to DMK?

DMK:DMK has a relationship outside of singing, and that will be the main approach of avoiding disbanding. We do not consider ourselves as being friends, we’re sisters. Of course, all sisters fight, but we learned at a young age to separate personal from business. During rehearsals, its all business, and we are very hard on each other. We can say all sorts of things to each other in rehearsal because we all understand that the criticism is to make us better. Plus, its better to hear it from us than someone else. We are the type of people to yell and scream at each other in rehearsal, but after rehearsal go to the mall together like nothing ever happened. Lastly, we have a common goal: Making good music TOGETHER. We all could make music separately and be individual artists, but its something about our connection, the positive energy, and of course the harmony that we have together that keeps us together.

Image[DMK twitter]


KSY:How can people find you?(Twitter, Facebook etc.)?

DMK:Facebook: search DMK World (Like our page_
Instagram: @dmkmusic
Twitter: @dmkmusic

KSY:What is next for DMK? Do you have any upcoming events and projects?

DMK:We are focusing on putting our debut album out. That’s our number one priority right now. We will keep you guys updated when other things come in for DMK.

Special thanks to Kelly and DMK


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