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Yadah Yadah:A Star Is Born


After coming across Yadah Yadah audition video to be the  new host of 106 and Park  I knew I had to have her on  KSY.

Mayyadah E. better known as Yadah Yadah A born star!

Originally from Newark New Jersey and raised practically her whole life in Jacksonville Florida. This young lady is more than a go-getter. She surpasses most young women today because of her ability to persevere against all odds. Yadah’s uniqueness cannot be compared to anyone, partially because those that she has been inspired by range from Condoleezza Rice, Gabrielle Union, and Oprah Winfrey to Tyler Perry. She simply loves the camera. From the age of 5 Yadah has been professing she would one day be a star. She participated in school plays; she was an anchor woman in media in middle school and high school. She participated in pageants. She won home-coming queen 3 years consecutively. Not only has Yadah been gifted with talent, but her abilities are impeccable. She has also been bitten by the acting bug, and loves it.
As a child she did gymnastics until she went to high-school, she graduated from John Casablanca modeling and acting school there she was taught how to audition for parts, modeling and the art of make-up. In high-school Yadah participated in Track and Field, Cheer-leading, Soccer, and College Out-reach programs. Yadah is determined to make it. Being raised by a single parent times were often tough. However, Yadah managed to stay focused on her goals. Her father passed away when she was 3 years old. Yadah mother raised her single handily and advised her to stay focused, and told her countless times to keep the faith and keep moving. Regardless of whether Yadah had her own bed to sleep in because of life adversities; she completed goals set for her by herself to win and won accolades in the process. Faith has kept her eyes on the prize. While living in a hotel Yadah started acting school. During the most critical times of her life she continued to win in whatever situation because giving up was not an option. Yadah’s personality remains amazing regardless of any circumstance. She won accolades for best personality in middle school and high school best sense of humor. Yadah’s parent never told her she couldn’t or she can’t therefore she has the attitude she can do all things.
Yadah ultimate goal in life is to be a talk show host. However, as she recognizes the talents she has been gifted with she maximizes the gift to the fullest. Since the age of eleven Yadah has been doing hair and charging to do it. She recognized the entrepreneurial spirit at a ripe young age. Her father and mother were both entrepreneurs. Yadah is an actress, a host, a model, a publicist, and also a hairstylist. She has always had the attitude that there is absolutely nothing in this world that she cannot do. The most profound thing is she does them well. She has celebrity clients traveling far to get their hair and make-up done. She has clients making stride in the music industry, she is a spokeswoman and network extensively for her clients at events from Miami to Los Angeles. She has been in business for herself 3years.
Giving up is not an Option!
Yadah knows
"With God, all things are possible. And she believe as long as she stay true to who she is and continue to love her family, friends, give to the community and her church, remain humble, she’s good, because she know from whom her blessings flow.

Here is our exclusive:

KSY:Wanted to say thanks for doing this exclusive. How are you doing?

Y:Hey there!! I 'm great! 

KSY:You have been quoted as saying you want a empire. What does your empire consist of?

Y:Empire will consist of me being a philanthropist, I will be an actress, have my own talk show, a successful PR Firm, a upscale salon owner, I just want to create jobs for others!

KSY:Tell us about your PR firm?

Y:I started it in 2009, I was an intern for another firm, and I loved the pressure! 
Most of my life, I've worked on the scene... So this was an opportunity to work behind the scenes. I love assisting people with their brands. It got off the ground quickly, and fell quickly. Earlier this year I decided not to take on every client, especially if I didn't believe in the brand.
 So now my only client is Erika Kayne!! You can check her out on Youtube! Other than that, My PR Firm is my baby, I nurture it every chance I get!l

KSY:How do you stay humble and on your grind? 

Y:I just love God, My family and friends... They keep me Humble and they keep me motivated. I've been through a lot,in my life and I consider it all a "test of faith". I'm extremely positive, I don't believe in failure. When you come from the bottom, all you can do is go up from here. 

KSY:Why do you want to to be famous?What are the negative views or opinions that you have heard of why people don't want to be famous?
Y:I want to be famous because being famous gives me a platform, It's the only way you can reach out to millions of people and they just might listen. 

KSY:God is a very important part of your life how does your faith remain unshaken in life's detours?
Y:Everything that I have been through, the only person that could pull me through was God. Everything that I do and everything I am is through God!  I don't take any credit for any of this! :) Jesus is my real Homeboy, my father, my best friend, and my Rock! People let the world  influence them and I just let God live through me as I roam through the world. 

KSY:If you could give advice to anyone who wanted to follow in your footsteps what would you say to them?

Y:In the beginning People will look at you like your crazy, they will laugh at you, they won't understand you, and they will try to discourage you. But if YOU BELIEVE in something "GO FOR IT", leave the negativity up to the haters to keep you motivated. If someone tells you that you can't "YOU HAVE TO"! People will rock with you, when everyone else rocks with you, but you have to believe in you FIRST! Make you  live on "PURPOSE". and KEEP GOD 1ST! Walk by faith and NEVER BY SIGHT!
KSY:Can you tell us about your new site yadahunlimited.com? When will it be up and running?
I pushed the site launch to January 2013!It's bringing people into my everyday life!
Video's, interviews, merchandise, event coverage, Celebs, Fashion, fun, pranks, and a whole lot more
KSY:You came from a single parent household how did you beat the odds and what advice can you give to young ladies in that similar situation.
Y:My father died at a young age leaving my mother with 2 little girls to raise on her own. I am proud to have a "SUPER MOM", She's the reason I think that I can achieve anything because whatever I wanted in life whether it cost me a fortune, she never told me NO. She say's if you want something bad enough, you will do whatever it takes to get it as long as you don't degrade yourself and if it's within God's will over your life. So that is how I operate. I don't take "NO" For an answer.   

KSY:Do you consider yourself a role model explain?

Y:I am! I try to be conscience of everything I say, because people really look up to me. It may not be millions of people, but I get messages almost everyday from people, telling me that I inspire them. So I must be doing something right.
KSY: Tell us about about your experience on being a correspondent on 106 and Park? What is Rocsi like?
Y:It was a great experience! They called me on my birthday to tell me I was flying in the next week, I was like "LOOK AT GOD". Now, I didn't do as well as I could have done but it was a blessing to even hold the microphone. Through the process I lost my grand father, I had just beat an eviction and almost lost my apartment, and I beat it all and flew to New York and I held all of my emotions in and let it out in from of America.. lol smh, but that was not the plan, I had a whole speech, but I couldn't remember a word.
Rocsi was cool, we talked all through the show and after, she gave me lot's of encouragement and hugs and that was that.

KSY:You want to be a talk show host? What type of show will you have ? When you look at current talk show host or shows do you feel anything is missing? why or why not?.What do you feel you can bring? 
Y:I am figuring it all out, on the type of show.But I am a big personality. I am not fake or phony,
  so I just want the show to be Real!  I respect everyone else in that industry, I just dare to be different.
KSY:Who are your influence's?
Y:I'm influenced by our president and first lady, Oprah, my mother and so many others 

KSY:I know Rocsi asked this questions but how did you get the name Yadah Yadah?

Y:My real name is Mayyadah pronounced My-Yadah, I just chopped off the My and Kept the Yadah and added another Yadah, and it became a stage name. The name really rings, and it's hard to forget it.
KSY:You have upcoming events such as you will be a judge at the Miss Teen Miami Pageant and hosting Ride and Big car show classic weekend.  Can you tell us how these came about? When are these events? and do you have any other projects and events? 
Y:I didn't get to judge the pageant, I got tied up with something in Orlando Florida. However, I will be corresponding at the Riding big car show interviewing November 18th. Florida Classic weekend. 

Special thanks to Yadah Yadah 



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