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For those of you who don't know me I am K.S.Young and I am the owner of this blog and the creator of Fashion Tag. you can follow me at @KSYonline.

  When I first pick this out I didn't know how it was going to look or if I was going to like it or love it?I have to be honest when I say I love the way these pants felt  and I love the whole look I put together.

K is Modeling  in her 1st look: Cherry shirt $14.95 (DIVD by H&M) Strip pants  $19.95(DIVD by H&M) K is Modeling in her second look: Mustard Jacket  (DIVD by H&M) $24.95 Cherry shirt $14.95 and Strip pants $19.95  3rd item is a Character watch $24.95 (Mickey) This can be founded at Sears.

 Do you love or hated it? I miss my other Fashion Taggers  Rinnie and Maria. :-(

All new Fashion Tag Dec. 6, 2012


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