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Craig O Wham: On Top Of His Game


Craig A.Smith is A native of St Petersburg,Florida better known as Craig-O (Wham) considers himself a "VA Beach Boy." After moving to Virginia Beach years ago this is where he calls home. With a reputation as one of the most versatile rappers to emerge from Hampton Roads Craig-O has ignited the local music scene with an unfound intensity. Being exposed to music at a very young age he started his career as a producer, a few years later at 16, he recorded his first track and has been rapping ever since. Representing one half of B.R.O.(Best Rappers Out) along with other half, Mike Mo his leap into the hip hop world was created. As a young, musically inclined artist, Craig-O portrays the image perfectly. A lyrical genius, his lyrics speak of truth and things he has been faced with throughout life.

After several mixtape release and appearances his 1st single WHAM (WHEN I GO H.A.M.) was released creating a confidence boosting buzz up and down the east coast and abroad. Several years later with his devoted manager and business partner, Misty Chase and his talented producer "Rayzr" by his side TEAMWHAM is the buzz circulating throughout the scene.

TEAMWHAMs grind can be matched to almost any movement and create the same effect if not better with just a three man team. This grind motivates Craig-O to continue his climb to the top. As a loyal and humble artist Craig-O is a major supporter of local music.

The anticipated release of his second single, Blow Bread produced by well reknownst, Atlanta producer Demario Street  that was just recently released.

Here is our Exclusive:

KSY:Tell us about yourself?

C:Well for those who don't know me I go by Craig O Wham. I'm a native of st.Pete Forida but grew up in Va.Beach.

KSY:Who are your musical/Hip Hop influences?

C:Being that I was a producer at one point in time, I found early inspiration from Kanye West, seeing as he started producing and chose to practice artistry. I share a similar story minute the car accident haha. Other than Kanye I rock with Jay Z, Kendrick Lamar, And a few other artist, that list could go on all day.

KSY:How is the Virgina Hip Hop Scene vs Florida Hip Hop Scene?

C:Really the major difference in the VA scene from anywhere else is nobody wants to support each other. Everybody wanna be the one who shines for their city, but they don't realize that having unity like other states like Florida can make a whole city light up. That's the main difference, other than that their pretty much the same.

KSY:When you listen to the radio what do you feel is missing in Hip Hop?

 C:Honestly I barely can stand radio now days, its missing alot, there is no variety I hear the same music everyday. As a new artist I can bring a new sound something different from the same artist that get played 47 times a day. I feel like they need new music period.

KSY:In what period of your life have you felt the most inspired?

C:I can say right now...I am at a point in my career where big things are within grasp and I am really seeing my dream manifested. Also having a manager like Misty Chase who grinds over time daily, I gotta keep up haha. 

KSY:When did your love for Hip Hop begin?When did you know rapping was your calling?

C: I have been doing music for forever and I have never felt the same passion for anything else. I have played sports, tried to experiment with what I thought was my calling but nothing really compares to music.

KSY:Can you tell us about your Rap duo/Rap Group B.R.O.?

C:How did you and Mike Mo meet? HA that guy Mike Mo, That's my bro all day. I met Mo in high school through my four bro kudi dub, he thought we would be cool because we both rap. He was wrong ha me and mo became rivals cus we both nice but we could never decide who was best but we just realized we got two different styles that compliment each other so well. So we decided to call each other B.R.O Best Rappers Out ha. And ever sense we been cool.

KSY:Take us through your creative process of your new single Blow Bread?

Lol That was a fun process, I got the beat, shout out demario street, once I got the beat I Elevated my mind, ha and just wrote what i felt. I was in that type of mood, for blowin bread and gettin slow head from a freak that don't use no hands, and apparently everyone enjoys those things haha.

KSY:You have a few things coming up. Tell us about your upcoming mixtape set for release in January? What is the vibe of the mixtape?

C:I AM WHAM mixtape is coming out in January 2013 no specific date but I thinking around my b-day time. But the title says it all, this mixtape is just Me, I have a variety of styles. I have songs where I get lyrical , I got my party/turn up songs, I got songs for the ladies, and haters. Its just defining me. I think its a nice way to introduce myself to the game.

KSY:You are also releasing a new album shortly after the mixtape can you tell us about this album? who are the producers you worked with you?What can your fans expect?

C: Oh yeah i excited about this album too...I haven't got a title yet but im working on it. But yeah I have some heavy hitting producers I worked with. Demario street, LabRatz, Razyr Sharp, Just to drop a few names. I have a few features in the works but I don't want to spoil the surprises. But You can expect have good music in ya ears from track one till the outro.#Wham

KSY:If someone wanted to follow in your footsteps what advice could you give them?

 Say No to Drugs...ha but really only advice I could give is believe in yourself and anything worth having you have to work for it. Never lose hope and the road to success is a long one but if you maintain patience and work hard anything is possible.

KSY:How important is having Misty as your manager in the music industry? 

C:Is there places or people she can reach that might be harder for you to access if you were representing yourself? Misty Chase, there is no comparison to how hard she works and how tight she runs her business. She is one of my close friends and business partner and she knows her ish. Without her Id be a dope rapper but that's it, she has put me in a position to achieve my dream, That's the Manny #Wham.


KSY:Do you have any other upcoming projects or events?

C:Besides the album and the video for Blow Bread being shot November 17th, I have a show in front of def jam on November second in Va Beach, Cools in Session Part 3 showcase also in Va.beach on November 17th, Top Mics Competition in Charlotte and just more recording. There is alot of work to be done so I'm sure that I will be around on some stage or in the studio.

Special thanks to Craig and Misty for making this possible.


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