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Aubzie And Hanna of Party Prints and Pieces

 Party Prints & Pieces

 I came across Party Prints and Pieces on Bloggers.com  and I knew I had to find out who were the owners of the sites. finally got in contact with Aubzie and she accepted  so  let them introduce themselves:

 Aubrey Canedo, also known as aubzie, the stay-at-home mom behind Party Prints & Pieces and Aubzielation. Out of my passion for digital arts, I am a freelance self-taught graphic designer and I enjoy any wide range of projects and creative challenges. My area of expertise revolves around the world of image editing and my skills covers the aspects from graphics to web designs.

Hanna. a Filipina born and raised in Hong Kong. I’m a 36-something year old, Mother of one who loves her son so much!!. I love everything about cute tiny stuffs and love taking pictures, although I'm not an expert in it. Aside from that, I also love making bento to my son.Family is everything to me and they comes in second only to God. They are what keeps me going and I am very thankful for them!

Here is our exclusives:

KSY:Tell us about yourself?

A: I am basically how you are towards me.
H: I'm a person who likes to think outside the box.

KSY:How did you come up with the idea for Party, Prints and Pieces?

A: Our love for themed parties, and of course, it really started from our own parties and experiences.
H:Aubrey came up with the name. I'm the one who always said the word "prints"

Party Prints & Pieces
Image[FB page]

KSY:How long have you been friends? How did this partnership come about?

A: That would be about 25 years of friendship (give or take). The partnership started while I was planning my daughter's 2nd birthday and Hanna helped me with the actual printed products. Then we thought, instead of just talking about pursuing this, might as well go ahead and get it going. And so we did! :)

H: Grades school. When Aubrey went to USA, miss each other so much we talk almost everyday even we are miles apart, and we just started this little dream of ours.

KSY:How do you find your printable merchandise for your site?

A: I create and design the printables and the digital files to be printed. (I may use some copyright character images or trademarks, depending on the theme, but they are not being sold. I do not claim ownership of these licensed characters or trademarks.) Our merchandises are how I designed them and how it's personalized.
H: Aubzie does them

KSY:How often do you update your blog?How often do you have a new printable merchandise?

A: Not very often, I try to, but because I also accept custom orders, I work on ordered items and freebies first before any new printables. And those custom orders are not for sale, I like my customers to own their own themes. :)
H: Aubzie takes care and works on them 

KSY:What makes you stand out from other party theme sites?

A: Not about standing out, but I work with customers until they are happy. And that's what counts and what's important to me.
H: Great customer service, great quality and fast shipping.

KSY:You have been featured on numerous sites how does that make you feel?

A: Happy! It feels great knowing someone appreciates and acknowledges your hard work
H: It feels awesome and great!

KSY:What are 5 things you can't live without?

A: Aside from family and friends... I cannot live without medications LOL, my computer, my phone, music and good food!

H: Family,/friends,food, Iphone, music, my camera :)

KSY:How important is social media to your business?

A: Very important... it really benefits small businesses like ours. While we can't afford professional marketing, these social media networks plays a big part on our business success. It gives us a chance to build dedicated customer base with a personal touch, so to speak.

H: They're one of the most efficient way to show people what we've got and what we can give them.

KSY:Your printed products are from Hong Kong  how did this come about?

A: Hanna is in Hong Kong, and she can give you the cheapest good quality weather proof printed products.
H: I'm the one who is situated in Hong Kong and i have connections to the good quality goods

KSY:If someone wanted to follow in your footsteps what advice would you give them?

A: Personally, my advice is that you have to love what you do first. If there is heart, people will love.
H: passion is to see those people's smile when i help them .Love what you do and 

KSY:What is next for Party, Prints and Pieces?

A: Someday, event planning.
H:Coordinating parties

Image[PP&P site]

 Special thanks to Aubzie and Hanna



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