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Santana Boykins: Ms.CEO of BK Management


Santana Boykins is 23 year old  Mogul in the making she is  from Aberdeen, MS and is a Model, actor, stylist, Marketing PR, co-host at Word of Mouf Radio... Ceo of BK Management based out of Atlanta Artist/Model manager/agent. Here is our exclusive:

KSY:Tell us how you got into the modeling industry?and who have you modeled for? 

SB:To be honest my modeling career started via twitter, lol!! I"ve always wanted to model as a child and couldn't stay away from the camera, (being that I'm photogenic) so I reached out to Team Diva Models and it was on from there... I've modeled for Team Diva Models along with various online features such as, www.Topshelffent.com & www.Gr8ent.com !!


KSY:You are definitely Jill of all trades as a Model,Actress,Stylist,Market PR,Co-host of Mouf radio and CEO of BK Management how do you juggle your different careers and roles? 

SB:It's definitely a lot of hard work, but I wake up everyday eating, sleeping, and breathing my company BK Management. I do Manage & conduct PR packages for different artists (signed or unsigned) on a daily basis. I'm constantly booking shows, photoshoots,  interviews, events, and videos for both models and artists. Consistently doing new photoshoots as model to expand my modeling resume and taking acting classes as well as seminars to help with my acting career.. I have a big showcase in Feb. to seek management or an agent for acting, so wish me luck!! I've been blessed with the oppurtunity to Co-Host each and every Sunday 7-9pm on WordOfMoufRadio which is the best job ever big shout out to Joseph Mitchell Jr!! My major is Business Marketing & Management, so it was only right to start my own company. Helping others is a passion of mine and I believe that is my purpose.. Being a stylist on the other hand, I mostly style my artists and models for their photoshoots, but I'm looking to book some big celeb clients...;-)

KSY:First I wanted to say congratulations you recently graduated from Georgia Southern University tell us about the course that you took? And how has the education that you received helping you in your career?

 SB:As of right now I'm still working towards my degree in business, so everything I've learned is hands on and from experience.. (my linked in profile posted that so I guess I need to change it, sorry for the mixup)

KSY:How did you start BK Management ENT? what is the work that it takes having a successful company? Can you tell us the services you provide?

SB:Well I started BK Management from a very negative experience I had with a past modeling agency. I won't point the finger, but it showed me how the industry really works.. I took it upon myself to build my own company by managing models the right way, and guide them on the right path to becoming experienced & successful models. The do's and don'ts of the game I guess!! The work that it takes  words can't explain, but we must all be dedicated to our dreams and don't sleep on them. The services I provide are as follows: Model/artist management, showcase/photoshoots bookings, PR Packages, Promotional Marketing/Advertisement, Social Media Marketing, Consulting, Stylisting, & Web Design

KSY:Do you consider yourself a role model for young girls? How will that affect the direction of your career and company?

SB:Yes I do consider myself as a role model for young girls even though I'm not perfect.  hope to one day own my own Boys & Girls Club, because I went their as a child and all of our youth should have that experience.. It helps shape you and keeps you focused on the positive things in life which would be a great out-look for BK Mangement Youth Services...
KSY:What are 5 things you can't live without?

SB:I can't live without GOD, Family, Friends, Music, & Cereal, lol...

KSY:What is your 3 must have's for fall?

SB:Hmmm... An ipad because my phone can't take all the work I do on it any more, lol, some beats by Dre, and a puppy (yorki) !!
 KSY:When you first sign talent what is the 5 things you tell them they must do?
 SB:Grind harder, build a fanbase, connect all their social sites together, don't give up & Pray;-)

KSY:How will you be a game changer?
SB:BK Management will soon become a household name.. I'm 23 1/2 and would like to be one of the youngest moguls in the game.. My success will speak for itself when it comes to building my brand & I just want to help others. If you believe in you or your talent, then so do I.. 

KSY:What is next for Santana and BK Management ENT?

SB:Just constantly building my brand for BK Management Ent and adding to my resume.. I've linked with so many people whom are all positive and support me and my movement.... The website is on the way and so is the online magazine...
KSY:Do you have any upcoming events or projects?

SB:Right now I'm working on a record label entitled GTM (Getting to The Money Music Group) and we are in the works of signing our 1st major indie artist.. My acting showcase in Feb as I stated earlier, which has major links to Tyler Perry so look out for me I'm coming.. A BK management shoe line in the works, and the website will be up by December..

Special Thanks to Santana Boykins


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