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Salika of Gawaya Travel Blog


Salika Jay is a passionate traveler and the travel blogger behind Gawaya Travel Blog. She believes traveling is a way of happiness - not a destination. Salika loves to see the world and all the adventures that comes with it. Her work has appeared in Société Perrier, Glenfiddich and CheapOair.

KSY:Why did you start Gawaya Travel Blog? Is this your first time creating a blog?

S:The reason why I started the blog is pretty simple actually – I love traveling and thought why not
share that passion by creating a travel blog. I love exploring new places, food, people, cultures
and landscapes. It’s just so interesting and exciting. This is my first blog.

KSY:How do you stop from becoming burnt out?

S:The world of travel is never boring. There is always something to see and explore and just when
you think you've seen and heard it all, something new comes around to surprise you. It’s hard
for me to get burnt out actually because I have so much passion for traveling and always in the
lookout for what the wonderful world has to offer.

KSY:How many hours do you spend on your blog?

S:Some days I spend about an hour and others a few hours depending on what I have to work on
the blog.

KSY:What places do you recommended for fall and winter travels?

S:If you are looking for fun in the sun, I would recommend packing your bags and head out to:

1. Mauritius - best time to visit is during the winter months. This island nation nestles in
the Indian Ocean just a few hundred miles off the south-eastern coast of Africa and is an
ideal holiday destination.
2. Bali - is another tropical paradise. This Indonesian island is the nation’s most popular
tourist destination and is the centre for a diverse range of cultural activities which include
music, dance, fine arts, and traditional crafts. Bali is suitable for both fall and winter.
3. Dubai - For the top-notch upmarket resort hotels, for the shopping lover, this is the city
has more than 40 malls. There is a buzzing nightlife and first-rate restaurants like by
Gordon Ramsay. Dubai

KSY:Where is your favorite place to travel and why?

S:My favorite place to travel and the place I loved very much was Italy. If I could pack my bags
this instant, I would be going to Italy first plane out. Especially Venice, which is a captivating
and maze like wonderland, where getting lost is the best thing you can do.

KSY:Tell us about your life in Sri Lanka?

S:Life here is indescribable. It has always been my home and it’s wonderful to be here for the last
three years. There is no doubt, I had a culture shock at first being away from here but as time
went by things fell into place and I have fallen in love with Sri Lanka all over again. I truly enjoy
being here - the culture, the beautiful Asian landscapes but particularly Sri Lankan People with
smiles. Being here made me even love traveling more.


KSY:How does it feel to do something you love and have it featured in SocietePerrier,Glenfiddich and CheapOair?

S:It’s truly an honor and a satisfying feeling to see that what I enjoy and have a passion for gets
featured in places like that. Makes me motivated for sure.

KSY:What are two things that people don’t know about you?

S:Oh wow...that’s a hard one But I think the two things most people would not know about me
is that I wanted to become a Psychologist when I was small and I do oil paintings as a hobby.

KSY:What is the hardest thing about having a travel blog?
S:As a travel blogger, I must always be in the ‘travel world’ loop to provide my readers with
information that is informative, fun and inspire them to travel. With busy professional, social and
family life, it is quite challenging.

KSY:What is the next for Gawaya Travel Blog?

S:This is of course a big dream but I would love to have Gawaya Travel Blog featured on
television where I can share my travels. In the meantime, my goal is to inspire people to travel
the world. You only live once, so why be stuck in one place. See what is out there and enjoy it!

Special thanks to :Salika


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