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Marcella Precise is a A music producer, a songwriter, a voiceover actress, a recording artist she was one of the voices of the sassy Sasha on the BRATZ animated series.The BMI Pop Award winning songwriter has kept busy writing and producing as ½ of the production/Songwriting duo Lady And A Tramp with Partner Terence “Tramp-Baby” Abney.includes working with household names like bad girl superstar rocker PINK, pop princesses Jordin Sparks, StacieOrrico Keisha Chante, R&B & Hip Hop legends Luther Vandross, Charlie Wilson & Naughty By Nature as well as new soul luminaries Jaheim,  Musiq & Syleena Johnson.Superstars Madcon called in this talented team to work on 3 songs for their #1 selling album,

She releasing her own internet remixes of Pop, Dance & R&B hits, including her hugely successful PRE-Mixes of Mary J Blige’s “Just Fine” (featuring Marcella Precise, Lil Wayne & Swizz Beatz), Janet Jackson’s “Feedback” (feat. Marcella Precise) & Havana Brown’s “We Run The Night” (feat. Marcella Precise & Pitbull).

With all that she has accomplished she remains humbly and she talks about what she has been up to here is our exclusive:

KSY:Can you tell us about your album that you are working on?

MP:My album is a collage of my Art, my heart and spirit to sound. I love how it is truly writing itself. You'll feel how LIFE, Hip Hop / Electro / Pop and R&B has effected me and how much I'm grateful for this outlet. I aim to have different conversations with the listener and touch on various subjects.

KSY:You are 1/2 of the songwriting/production duo Lady and A Tramp. Tell us about how you two come together? 

MP:Giiiirl, I've been a Lady my whole life lol. I thoroughly love being a woman and all the wonderful events that I've been apart of in this skin. And I was apart of a female collective - where the DJ dubbed us "Da Ladies" for this one song. Tramp began collecting vinyl in his teens and his friends always said that his collections ran thru the decades - extending from Otis Redding's "Tramp" to Salt N Pepa's "Tramp". Producing and songwriting is within our DNA. When we got together to do music our names were always in sync without even trying.
Image[LADY AND A TRAMPS BLOGLIFE L-R Tramp,Jordin Sparks,Marcella]
KSY:Tell us how you got started in the music industry?

MP: I've been in music since the first time I ever heard the radio, riding in the back of my daddy's Cadillac. I've been captivated by baselines, choruses and detailed lyrics my entire life. My high energy daily playlist can cross genres and decades. Creating and enjoying my Art allowed me to be noticed by several people that enjoy what I have to offer their Art. Then came the remixes, performances, collaborations, freestyles and writing songs

KSY:What is one thing you wish did but didn't?

MP:I don't have one thing I wish I did, but didn't. I just keep God and keep going forward. Rear views are for car mirrors.

KSY:How did you know it was the right time to pursue your career as an artist?

MP:Any day is the exact right time. I never judge or schedule my success or anyone else's. I have a lot of fun bringing my Art and creative freedom to compositions for others all the time. Realized how much more fun I could be having by turning up the process for myself and I've been grateful for the Love thru out the years ever since. Once I got musically active, and said "Hi I'm here, LET'S ROCK!!!", my listenership on several online music outlets grew immensely and I'm welcoming new WONDERFUL fans across the world daily to follow, like, comment and DANCE with me.

Marcella Precise

 KSY:What was it like working with the late Luther Vandross?

MP:Working with Luther was incredibly fun.  His professionalism was stellar. I learned so much. It was an honor to be asked to appear on his album, to perform on The Today Show, to tour with him and really just to be in his presence. He was a wonderful person with a great energy.

KSY:You hail from Brooklyn, NY can you describe Brooklyn's musical sound as a pose to 90's sound?

MP:Music is universal. New York is the birth place of some really cool sounds. I enjoying travel to Sweden, Norway, Jamaica etc., to work with other artists. For example, working with World Music Award winners, Madcon, was so enjoyable because I experienced how Tshawe & Josef felt about Hip Hop, their lives, other genres and the future of music.When people come together to enjoy music or any art form its indescribable. When the feeling hits you and each persons energy connects, can't really label or compare it:) You just delightfully experience it.  

KSY:How do you keep your finger on the pulse of fashion and music?

MP:I have an appreciation for all the amazing designers that are giving us their Art by pouring their influences into their lines. I'm pulled in by colors, textures and patterns that are fun yet functional. I'm a high energy Lady - The Positive Energy Energizer Bunny is what someone called me lol. My tunes and my wears will express the moods that keep me going.

KSY:You use to write a blog called Fix Ya Face what happen to it? Why did you start posting?

MP:The Fix Ya Face Blogazine (A true smile starts inside as that will reflect on the outside. So have fun & have faith and Fix Ya Face) naturally progressed in The YAAY YOU Blogazine (cheering on/celebrating the greatness of those around you, is perfect way celebrate yourself). I'm told that people have been occasionally revisiting both sites for daily inspiration and  so thank you that I could help bring out such a needed, good energy. I still send out spontaneously joy notes via email to those that subscribe and YAAY YOU will be back soon..stay tuned:)

KSY:You also have a blog called Lady and the Tramp can you tell us about it?

MP:LadyAndATramp.blogspot.com is where we document and post images of our travels and fun events we get to be apart of. You never know what city or country we'll been in but one things for sure, we'll keep you posted on The Cool &and The Fun. Our exclusive studio sessions, wine tastings, discovery of new foods and events that pertaining to brands in various markets (ie books, paintings, album releases, shoe launches). For instance, recently Lady And A Tramp and Punch Monkeys were in the Studio to record with Myspace & Jordin Sparks' "SPARKLE Singing Challenge" Winner BIANCA JADE of Florida. Among other things, Bianca won a trip to New York and an appearance to perform an snippet of the song we co-wrote "ONE SHOT" on 106 & Park. We are grateful for the viewership at our site and it's an honor to share with people who want to know more about our music.


KSY:What is the creative process for Lady and A Tramp when you come up with lyrics and produce a song?

MP:Spontaneous free thought in an organized noise kinda way. We're out here living life and embracing the uniqueness of everything we can. Tramp I work in various genres no box, no break, no one way of thinking. Ideas build the music based a mood, instrument leading or a energy we want to convey with an artist. Lyrics and melody can be born from the track or life happening around us. It's pretty organic but always fun. 

KSY:Do you have any upcoming events or projects?  

Thank you for the continued support of "The Pre-Mix Principle", "PassPort Pre" and "PAN-AM (We So Fly)" at MarcellaPrecise.com :) We are working on my album,  3 new artists, 2 artists you all know & love, as well as music for 2 movies. I'm super excited!

To stay connected go to : twitter.com/MarcellaPrecise 

Special thanks to Marcella Precise




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