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Legofest 2012


Over the weekend I had a chance to take part in the 2012 Legofest. which ran Oct 12-14. this was the first  and last time the Legofest will be  in Michigan  at the Suburban Showcase in Novi, Michigan. they never visit a State twice. the Lego fest has been going on for 3 years. It started in Boston.

If you have never been it is something like nothing I have ever experienced before. first of all the Legofest for Michigan was sold out. more than 30,000 people attended this event. it was any kids or adults dream if you love Lego's this is the event for you. Let me tell you that people where lined up ready to get there. the doors open at 9am . there was a countdown and then all you see is parents with there kids running around to see what activites can they do first.

There was so much to do I worked the The Big Brick Pile where kids could make towers now more then there waist length. they where burying eachother , parent in the legos. and building every kind of creation you could imagine. [Click Here] to find out what else they had at Legofest

To see more exclusive pics and the fun I had [Click Here]



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