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Ikenna Beney Amaechi :One Moment in Time


I wanted to give you another week of some amazing exclusives A while back I was thinking who can I  interview now? I did some research and I came across Ikenna and I ask him would he be interested in doing an exclusive with me and he say yes. Let me tell you a little bit about Ikenna.

Ikenna Beney Amaechi was Born in Berlin Germany, Nigerian-German mixture.spent the first years at school in Nigeria, and had some little dance shows in Nigerian TV, toured with some Bands in Ghana. during his teen years he fall in love with love with American Pop music,like Whitney Houston and other black singers.  Here is our exclusive:

KSY:Tell us how did you get into being a female impersonator?

I always wanted to know how I looked like as a woman, so when I dressed up the first time(as a teen),
I couldn’t believe how girlish I looked.
And I loved the challenge, of creating the “perfect Woman” as a guy.
With only the gifts that I got by nature!!!
And that is a big task J

KSY:What is the Gay Pride Maspalomas de Gran Canaria?

IA: I more or less started out on Gran Canaria many, many years ago, and I lived there 6 months a year for a long time.
So even after all these years, I come back at least once a year to celebrate with everybody.
Gay Pride Maspalomas de Gran Canaria is one of the biggest Pride Events in Europe (if you count it to Europe)

"I saw Whitney Houston the first time on a cat walk in 1984. The way she moved, took my breath away. No one knew her name. I was searching for it. After one year she was presented in a big show, as a new singer with an unbelievable voice. Her name was“Whitney Houston”

I was speechless, when she began to sing. I just could not believe it. “Wasn’t she that beautiful model?” I
thought to myself. She became an Idol.
KSY:Have you ever met Whitney? Did she see any of your performance?
IA:Unfortunately not. A TV Station and I, planned a meet &greet at her Nothin’ But Love World Tour in Manchester.And when she got ill, and rescheduled the Manchester Concert, and we couldn’t get
the accreditation so quickly again.But I went to her last Concert in Manchester made up as Whitney, and the cameras picked me up, and beamed me up to the big screen behind her.
 The O2 Arena went crazy, and Whitney didn’t know why. Her Brother Gary next to her on stage told her to look up and there was my face in close-up on the big screen, she was very surprised  that was the only time she “Saw” me if you will.

KSY:Do you remember where you were when you found out Whitney had passed away? How has her passing impacted your performance and artistry? 
LA:I was in Thailand at the time (like every winter)
I was in a big shock
I couldn't sing for Months,
cancelled everything planned (in Hong Kong)
flew to Malaysia and stayed away from everything,
crying crying crying... 

KSY:If you can say anything to Bobbi Kristiana what would you say?

LA:There is nothing I could tell Bobbi Kriss that would help her in anyway,
I dropped her a note, after 2 weeks and that was it

KSY:Why did you decide to start singing instead of lip syncing Whitney's song?
LA:When I started everyone was lip-synching to Whitney songs like there is no tomorrow.
But singing is a different thing, singing fill my heart with pure joy.

KSY:If someone wanted to follow in your footsteps what advice can you give them?
LA:Always give your very best in whatever you do, at any time.
Even when you think you could save some energy here, some effort there.
Give 100% always It takes a lot of courage to decide what you really want to do, and when you do, 

give it your all.
KSY:Who is Ikenna?
IA:Ikenna loves his Job,  enjoys what life has to offer.
I don’t try to divide Ikenna the private person and Ikenna the Stage DIVA, it is all me
I don’t lie! There is no need to lie,
because you always have the option to say: it is non of your business J


 KSY:When you saw that you were on the Piers Morgan show not Whitney in there footage? what was your reaction?

I record the Piers Morgen Shows, and watch them when I am in Berlin,
So on that morning they wanted to talk one more time about Whitney.
While they did they floated some pics in the background.
1st  pic, a 2nd  pic, the 3rd was me, the 4th , 5th , and then I thought what was that????
I went back and couldn’t believe it BOOM my picture on CNN! I thought wow, wow wow.
How could that happen??? They choose 5 pics and one is a fake????
I contacted CNN, but they did not get back to me.
So I posted the picture on a social network, and it went round the world, like crazy.
My mother told me after the CNN Failure:
you know what, Whitney had a big sense of humor and did this little thing for you!
So I see it this way: it is last thing Whitney gave me and it makes me smile again 

KSY:You were asked in your 2006 interview by Peter Rosenfeld about you singing your own materials, where do you stand today on this? 

IA:Yes, I still want to do it at some point,
but it is not priority at the moment,
I don’t really have the time to get into it deeply, you know what I mean?
And I don’t want any rushed results

KSY:When you decide to go solo in your professional career as singer what genre of music would you like to sing?
IA:It can be a mix of Soul Pop and House Music (late 90s style)
So that is very hard to market  today,
but I am not too interested in doing very, very current stuff,
that I might not like in 2 years time haha!
I love the old stuff

KSY:Tell us about your Whitney Tribute on Oct 2012?
LA:Leipziger Funzel is a fine little Theatre in the heart of Leipzig City,
I have been performing there for years now, and I was the first Female Impersonator,
who was given the chance of doing a full show on his own.
So I will pay tribute to “The Voice” of my generation on the 26th October, I can’t wait.

KSY:What is next for Ikenna? Do you have any upcoming projects or events?
IA:Oh yes I will keep on singing around the world,
I will be in Hamburg 3 weeks straight in Germanys most famous Cabaret Pulverfass
at their 39th Anniversary, starting on the 09.09.2012,
looking forward to that, since I worked there for many years.
We are putting together a Whitney Houston Tribute Show production in New York,
with the help of some of my very talented friends in New York.
It will be with a live band, backup singers, the whole THANG!

Special thanks to Ikenna Beney Amaechi for allowing me in your world.
To stay connected www.ikenna-amaechi.com




  1. thank you so much for the great interview :)

  2. I am glad that you love it and I can't wait to work with you again.


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