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How to stop B.B.O

If you are like me , you can spend anywhere from 16-18 hours on your blog(for me it is maintenance,posting ,redo layout, finding exclusives,stay current and  reading other blogs) that's not including the social/network events you have to attend to stay relevant in your industry. On top of that you have to come up with content that no one is talking about. so some where with in the hectic world of being a blogger  you might experience B.B.O.

B.B.O. stands for Blogging Burn Out which is when you lack enthusiasm,motivation and you aren't inspire to write a post. Here are 4 ways to Prevent B.B.O.
  • While you have ideas flowing keep a notebook/pad  near by so no matter where you are.you can write down your ideas and when you are experiences B.B.O. you have these ideas as refers to get the juices flowing again.
  • Take time off- you have decide how many days. I usually take two days and that helps to rejuvenate me.
  • Have Blogger Support Group-People within your niche that you can talk to and bounce ideas off of.
  • Get out break up some of monotony  of being in a confine space.

Let me know what tips you came up with to add to the list?


  1. Great post KSY... I nominated you for liebster award... details at my blog aubzielation


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