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Health and Wealth Expo 2012

 Photo: Kalyn Risker, who was awarded a "Spirit of Detroit Award" today, is conducting the S.A.F.E Health & Wellness Expo this upcoming Saturday, October 13th. Over 1,000 attendees are expected - Hours are between 10 am until 3:30 pm at the Northwest Activities Center. Free lunch, grocery assistance, workshops, health screens and more! Oh yeah, Rick Ector will be conducting a Personal Safety Seminar. See you there!

On Saturday October 13, 2012 from 10am-3:30pm there will be a Health and Wealth Expo at the Northwest Activity center in Detroit,Mi.

Last year this event attracted over 750 people and this year they are expecting  1,200 community this year.

This Expo will be hosted by Sisters Acquiring Financial Empowerment (SAFE)to the financial empowerment of victims of domestic violence by providing training, workshops and resources to equip program participants with the tools necessary to become self-sufficient.

I had a chance to have a mini exclusive with the  founder Kalyn Risker of S.A.F.E.  about the Expo 

KSY:How did you come up with the concept for the health and wealth expo?Is the health and
wealth expo an extension of SAFE?(If yes how?)

KR:This event strives to help people not only know where and how to get free or low cost help but
learn how to manage their finances. I believe that people do the best that they can using the
information they have. SAFE wants to help the members of our community expand their options
to know that a healthier lifestyle is obtainable. Many people feel they have to choose between
eating healthy and paying for transportation to get to work. And there are others that may make
the choice to stay in abusive household because the domestic violence shelter is full versus
living on the street. These are real choices that many people are making every day. Our goal
is to provide health screening provided by DMC Sinai Hospital, offer a variety of community
resources and present workshops from industry experts that will give practical advice of things
that participants can start doing today. The goal of the expo is based on the goal of SAFE and
that is to empower our community to live safer and healthier by “Realizing Your Health-Wealth

KSY:How will this health and expo be different from last year?

KR:This year the event has been expanded with a variety of resources and information for everyone.
Forgotten Harvest is our newest community partner and will be providing participants with a
bag of groceries. Three workshop tracks of information and resources for everyone will be held
throughout the day. Industry experts will be presenting topics on a variety of subjects from grant
writing, eating healthy on a budget, personal protection strategies and budgeting 101.

SAFE's Health & Wealth Expo 2010 from kalyn Risker on Vimeo.

KSY:What do you want the people who attend the expos to walk away with?
KR:Participants will receive resources, tools, information and connections that they can use
immediately to live a safer, healthier lifestyle.

KSY:You said in Glamour Magazine that you wish you had recognized the early sign of domestic
violence because it would have saved you a trip to the emergency room. Can you elaborate?

KR:If I would have known the other ways that domestic violence manifest itself (the signs), things
might have been different. I didn’t know that I was in an abusive relationship until he assaulted
me resulting my eye socket required a permanent titanium implant that replaced the bone that
was shattered.

KSY:How has SAFE impacted your life and the lives of women that you have helped through your
services that you offer?

KR:Sisters Acquiring Financial Empowerment (SAFE) provides free services to equip survivors of
domestic violence with the knowledge, skills and abilities needed to end the cycle of economic

abuse, while maintaining their personal safety. The training covers specific topics including Job
Seeking, Resume Creation, Interviewing Skills, Entrepreneurship, Customer Service, Personal
Finances, Networking and Basic Employment Law 101 - outlining employment rights that every
worker should know. According to The National Coalition Against Domestic Violence,
approximately one out of four women will experience some form of domestic violence during
her lifetime. The Michigan Coalition Against Domestic Violence has identified Detroit as one of
Michigan’s critically underserviced communities for survivors of domestic violence due to the
profound lack of services available because of the lagging economy and poverty rate that is 33%
above the entire population. SAFE has an accomplished background of actively providing
economic empowerment and access to community resources to over 620 survivors of domestic
violence in the Southeastern Michigan community since May 2006. Survivors of domestic
violence call SAFE’s 800# to access SAFE’s programs as well as to gain referrals and
information for other emergency and non-emergency programs, shelters and services. In
addition, SAFE's hosts its annual Empowerment Weekend which consists of two free community
events. SAFE’s O.P.E.N. (Opportunity, Preparation, Entrepreneurship, Networking) for
Business Conference designed to support 75 survivors of domestic violence in starting their own
micro-enterprise. Key topics include starting, growing and sustaining a business along with
supplementing current earnings to become self-sufficient. Ongoing workshops and individual
assistance is offered throughout the year to support survivors with their goal towards
entrepreneurship. To maintain participant confidentiality, location information for this event
will only be given to registered attendees. The second event of SAF’s Empowerment Weekend
is SAFE’s Health & Wealth Expo which is open to everyone. Workshops will highlight topics
such as healthy living on a budget, stress reduction, job seeking tips, domestic violence
awareness and personal finance. Other highlights include free lunch for the first 750 attendees,
health screenings, community resources, interviewing and resume tips, free massages and sample
packs from various sponsors. Over 750 people attended the last Expo and over 1,200
community members are expected to attend this year.

KSY:After the expo do you have any upcoming events?

KR:After the Expo, we will continue to provide our ongoing group and individual training sessions.
SAFE hosts one major fundraiser, our Annual Appreciate Appreciation Event, it will be at the
Detroit Historical Museum June 21, 2013 and then our Empowerment Weekend with SAFE’s
Health & Wealth Expo and the O.P.E.N. for Business Conference will be held in October 2013.

Throughout the year many generous individuals and businesses host events and donate a portion
of the proceeds to support the work of SAFE. www.tuxandchucks.org

Tux & Chucks: 2nd Annual Charitable Fundraising & Birthday Celebration which will be
held Saturday, November 17, 2012 inside of the Tiger Club inside of Comerica Park, Detroit,
Michigan. Over 800 people are expected to attend Birthday Party for Byron Suggs and Jason

Appling. The proceeds from this event will be donated to three charities including SAFE. 

For additional information about SAFE, please visit Sisters Acquiring Financial Empowerment’s

website at www.NewSafeStart.org or call 800-757-4919

Also, like SAFE’s Facebook page at www.Facebook.com/NewSafeStart

And our Youtube Channel at www.Youtube.com/NewSafeStart.

To find out more info [Click Here]

Special Thanks to Kalyn Risker


  1. Thank you for your comment.I believe that SAFE is on to something by creating a health and wealth expo.


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