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Tammie Brown Still Working it!!!

Tammie Brown a.ka. as Keith Glen Schubert started his career as performing as Cha Cha from the musical “Grease. He first started performing drag at Club Divas in Corpus Texas. He initially wanted to perform under his real name, Keith Schubert, however he was forced to pick the name Tammie Brown by Corpus Christi’s Pageant Queens. He has made appearences in "The Surreal Life" season with Tammy Faye Messenger. As Keith Glen Schubert he has appeared in commercials for McDonalds and UPS and for Korn’s music video” Twisted Transistor”. In 2009 Tammie released his first album "Popcorn" on Itunes. On Youtube Tammie’s videos such as “Shaka Buku U”, “Whatever” and “The Ballad of Tiger Lily” have been seen by over 20,000 viewers.  He is probably best known for his appearance on  RuPaul’s Drag Race, Season 1.   He was nice enough to talk to us and let us know what he is up to these days. here is our exclusive:


KSY:What are 5 things you can't live without?

TB:My family, my friends, food...I just can't live without food, can you? My health, and Kiss Nails.

KSY:If you could give advice to anyone who wanted to follow in your footsteps what would you say?

TB:My advice is to be your perfect self.

KSY: In your opinion what are the traits of a female impersonator?

TB: I'm a drag queen and a female impersonator is someone who works as a lady and then washes it away. They hate the word "drag queen" keeps them running.

KSY:Who is Tammie Brown?

TB: taMMie Brown is a musical entertaining drag queen, a real sport on this lovely planet.

 KSY: You were on RuPaul's Drag Race season 1 tell us about your experience on the hit reality show and behind the scene what  the camera left out?

TB:First season was hot; no cool air or time...and some misunderstood back-biting by between some of the queens. And tears did flow when I left. But hey, Im happy to be part of it all. What an opportunity!

KSY:How have you been able to resonate with your audience and fans?

TB:My audience is a smart one; people into the arts and my fanz they are lovely! And how they stand by me, keep it tall I say!

KSY:Tell us about your first album "Popcorn" released in 2009? What was the vibe of the album? You followed it up with two more singles Disco undead released in 2010 and Love Pinata 2012. Can we expect a new album? If yes when?

TB:"Popcorn"!! Did you get it!? Hope you put some butter on it! Yes, "Popcorn" was dance, folk, blues...any everything you could use to dream. I have so many videos, videos from "Popcorn". As of now, I'm working on "Hot SkunkX" which is to come out in November. One of the new singles from the album "Hot SkunkX" is "La Telaraña", which features my pal Michael Catti and is in Spanish and are in the process of making the video to drop with the single off the album, either late August or early September.

KSY:Where do you want to take your career as a drag queen and beyond?

TB:My career as a musical entertaining drag queen is to hit the Billboard Board Pop Charts, tour the globe, have a 55 city stadium tour with 75,000+ people to see me, your taMMie Brown! With an "i", "e"! Then is about ten years from now, open my own roadhouse, "The Schubert". We're gonna have shows there, live bands, videos playing, the best food from my kitchen and travels, and of course; a carnation on each table! It' ll be in my hometown of Rockport, Folton, Texas. Big dreams, and I'm making them happen. Thank you.

KSY:How do you get into being a drag queen what are the steps? How did you get started?

TB:I started drag early on in high school; in plays and in lipsync contests. You have to have a vision of who you are as a drag queen, and I liked the queens from the 90s like Lady Bunny, Jackie Beat, Lipsynca, and the list could go on, but what fun they are! Over the top personalities and talent! Check them out kids!

KSY:When you are not doing drag what do you like to do?

TB:I like to cook for friends, ride bikes, make up dances, take care of my plants, chant, I'm a Buddhist you see...and dream my dream come true.

KSY:What is a life lesson that you have carried with you?

TB:Never give up. "When you have the turn of the stomach, move with the thought"-Tina Turner.

KSY:Do you have any upcoming events or projects?

TB:Projects, yes. I'm working with Kelly Mantle on "The taMMie and Kelly Variety Show", more live music from me, responding to fan mail - which I do. More photo projects with Dusti of course, merchandise, touring with my band...I can't wait to see you all. A photo a hello would be grand!

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