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Natalie Johnson of Your Almost Alice

I came across Your Almost Alice on bloggers.com . Natalie is a 21 years old  graphic design student at  Salford University. Her beauty blog is a place where she shares her opinions, interest and love for make-up.  She has over 200 people following her and her blog is growing everyday. I knew I had to work with her and get an exclusive with Natalie.

KSY:You had started 2 other beauty blogs before this one this is your third attempt, what happen to the other two? how is this one different?

NJ:I didn't think it would be so hard to answer this question. I guess i just wasn't satisfied with the first two blogs i had, so i deleted them pretty quickly after starting them - i started them both for all the wrong reasons. Whereas this blog differs because i started it with no expectations or intentions other than to post about something i really love - make-up and beauty, now everything else is just an incredible bonus.

KSY:How do you stay motivated to blog?

NJ:I just love it, i get such enjoyment out of blogging and the fact that i blog about make-up, which is something i love that helps keep me motivated. Also, when i am seeing people following my blog that's another incentive, seeing that people are liking what you writing and post it makes you want to keep doing it for them too.

KSY:How long have you been blogging?

NJ:With this particular blog, since December 2011

KSY:How do you stop yourself from being burn out?

NJ:Reading other peoples blogs help, i find a lot of inspiration from other peoples blog - i also write any ideas down so when i am struggling i always have something to go to. If I'm feeling really burned out, then i take a little break and come back to it in a few days - i don't like to force myself to do something if I'm really not feeling it, because that puts me off even more and thats when i lost interest.

KSY:If you could give advice to someone who wanted to follow in your footsteps what would you tell them?

NJ:Just go for it - have patience because things wont happen overnight and most importantly love what you do because when someone is really passionate about something it really shows and that's really nice to see.

KSY:Top 5 beauty product must have for the fall?

NJ:- Vaseline Rosy Lips or Carmex: As the weather starts to get colder my lips need more hydration so i keep either one of these with me constantly throughout fall/winter to prevent dry/chapped lips.
- Benefit Boiing Concealer: I wear concealer pretty much all year round anyway because i have terrible dark circles but in the colder months especially fall/winter my skin goes even paler than it already is and paired with the dark circles i just look deathly and ill, so i need a good coverage concealer.
- Soap & Glory The Righteous Butter//Face Moisturizer: Similar reasons to the Vaseline, i like to keep my skin hydrated as we approach winter months because the cold can make it really dry.
- Earth/Nude eyeshadows: I wont name any specific shades because i wear all sorts so i couldn't pick just one but i think browns, gold and bronze colors are just stunning in fall.
- Felt Tip Liner: Not really essential to fall, but i wear it regardless of the season to its a must have for me ;)

These are just a couple of products i like use throughout Fall, so there are probably many others that i could have included in that too! This question just gave me a great idea for a blog series, so thank you :)

KSY:Why did you choose to start a beauty blog?

NJ:I love watching beauty gurus on YouTube but I'm too scared to sit in front of a camera and film videos - Ive tried and i literally just froze and didn't know what to say, so i was just sat there staring at the camera like an idiot so blogging is the closest thing i can get to that.  Make-up & beauty is also something I'm really passionate about - i love it so much, so that's another reason.

KSY:You have been recognized by bloggers.com, bethlovebeauty, and a few others How did you feel getting recognize for something you love to do? How did being recognized help you move forward with your blog?

NJ:Its really nice, it makes it really worthwhile to see that people are loving what you do. I guess it helped because it promotes my blog and shows it to different audience who haven't come across it before, especially bloggers.com i got a lot of people coming over to my blog and following it and i got a lot of really kind comments about my blog too which is so nice to hear it really makes me proud of my blog.

KSY:You are a graphic designer at Salford University what career would you like to go into once you graduate? did you designed your site?

NJ:I'm not sure exactly what career yet, i enjoy web design and branding so maybe something within those particular fields. Me and a good friend of mine who does the same course as me, we're thinking about starting our own design company up so hopefully that might go somewhere good. If all else fails with design, I'm going to do a course in make-up and become a make-up artist. I didn't actually design my site - i just used the simple blogger template and modified it to my taste, the header and the little buttons i designed myself though. I really want to learn how to code blogger templates from scratch but its really hard and i just don't know where to start with it - maybe one day I'll be able to do it.

KSY:What is your goal for your blog?

NJ:I kinda take it one day at a time with my blog, i don't like to expect too much from it. I just want it to continue to grow and continue gaining followers.

KSY:What is the hardest thing about being a Beauty Blogger?

NJ:There is a lot of things, but one thing i do find hard is telling people i know in real life about my blog. I'm really proud of my blog but i get scared of how people might react to it; i never know if they'll understand or if they'll judge me for it. So i don't really talk about it with people i know, if they find out its fine i don't purpose go out of my way to hide it but i just don't really scream it from the rooftops either.

KSY:What is next for Your almost Alice?

NJ:Who knows? I have lots of ideas for posts and things, so hopefully everyone will like them and it'll continue to grow and people will continue to love it as much as i love doing it.
Special thanks to Nataile Johnson
**Don't forget to check out her blog And  my guest post on Youralmostalice on Sept 1.


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