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KSY introducing Fashion Tag

American Rag CIF 1984 (blouse) $45.00
NYDJ original slimming fit N/A

Fashion Tag concept is:I am looking for beauty bloggers and models to participate in creating seasonal looks at their locate mall or stores weekly.Who:Beauty Blogger and Models from New York ,Dubai, Kenya, California, UK, Atlanta, Tokyo, South Korea from around the world who can share what is their fashion trend in their city or country. Where: Sharing their fashion on each other blogs creating fashion tags. Which will Expose each beauty blogger and Model to an audience that they made not have reached other wise.If you are interested contact us.

Lions Hat N/A
Lions Thermal Shirt $30.00
Lions Vest: $40.00
Lions Pants $25.00

This outfit from jcpenney

Fierce Blue Sweater $20.00
Ultra Low Rise/Ultra Stretch Leggings $35.00
This outfit from:@jcpenny

Lions Thermal Shirt $30.00
Lions pants $25.00

This outfit comes from: jcpenney
Skinny/Soundgirl Jeans $27.00
At last Tie front tank(yellow) now $5.00 was $13.00
This outfit from: jcpenney
Jones New York Signature Minx $169.00
American Rag CIF 1984 (blouse) $45.00
NYDJ original slimming fit N/A
http://NYDJ.com/This outfit from Macy's



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