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Isabell Thao


I came across Isabell Thao on Star Central Magazine while voting for another contestant Lana Fame. and I said to myself I wonder if she would be interested in doing an exclusive. I contact her via email and she said yes. Let me introduce you to Isabell Thao she is 17 years old she is currently calling ST. Paul home. and her biggest passion in life is singing. here is our Exclusive.

KSY:How did you find out that you were chosen for Female artist's of month- August 2012 Edition for Star Central Magazine?

IT:I was contacted by an editor of the magazine if i would like to participate in the competition.


KSY:Can you tell us about what an Ukelele is? Is it easier or harder then learning how to play the guitar?
IT: A ukelele is a 4 stringed instrument. It is definitely easier than the guitar because it only has 4 strings. The guitar is more complex and tricky. 
I believe that the ukelele started out in Hawaii.. and started to move to us. It's super affordable and easy to learn!


KSY:When did you first realize that singing is something that you loved and wanted to persue?
IT:- I realized it when I was about 10. I was singing in church and they asked if anyone wanted to do a solo, and i was so scared I didn't try out for it. I just sat on the sidelines wishing I did. So I started to not become shy about my voice and started to audition for solos more often.
KSY:What are your other passions in life besides singing?
IT: I love tennis! It's so exciting and super fun!

KSY:What made you want to share your singing on YouTube?

IT:Well, at first, I was just making videos for fun to enter a contest, and all of a sudden, people started to comment and say that I was good. So I started to work harder and posted tons of more videos!

KSY:When you aren't singing what do you like to do for fun?
IT:I love to hang out with my friends. They always take the stress off of me.

Image[Isabello Thao from Facebook Page]

KSY:I notice that some of your YouTube video's are original songs that you have written take us through your creative process?
IT:When writing a song, I have a little problem. I must only spend 20 minutes max writing it , or the song will be ruined. I write most of my songs in 15 minutes or under. When I want to write a song, I must have inspiration. No matter if its about boys, life, or just random things, I can write a song about it :)

KSY:What do you want your fans/audience to know?
IT:I'm really appreciative of all of them . I wouldn't be here without them, even if I don't have many fans, I still love them all to death. They make me strive to become a better person:)
KSY:Tell us about life in S.T. Paul?
IT: I move around alot, so I don't really have a "life" in st.paul. I've been to 12 schools and I enjoy it sometimes. Traveling is always fun! 

KSY:What's next for Isabell? What are your future aspirations?
IT:I would LOVE to participate in more performances and singing competitions. And obviously, continue with my YouTube career

KSY:Do you have any upcoming events or projects? 

IT: I'm working on writing new songs and producing them for my new EP!

Photo: Me!

Image[Isabell Thao from Facebook Page]

To stay connect to Isabello Thao like her Fan Page at [Click Here] #FF@isabellothao
I want to thank Isabell Thao


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