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Couponing with K

This Past week I did grocery shopping at  Walmart,Meijers,Krogers and Piquette.

This is how my couponing starts, every Saturday I go pick up my YES insert from my mailbox.

This is me organizing all my coupons. that I receive from YES a coupon insert found in most Newspapers.

This after sorting through all the coupons putting them in piles by order of the store or what it is? like all my frozen foods go together. etc..

Here where the deals:

Piquette market

 "Fall" into Saving Bundle $49.99 these bundles always last me the whole month and leftovers from the previous month. this is were I get all my meats for the month.


This is were I got some of my sides and drinks from.

Faygo pop .98

Jambalaya $1.72
Baking soda .52
Creole Seasoning $1.48
Mahatma Yellow 0.78

I spent $22.78


 This is were I got my vegetables,more sides and snacks.

Lettuce $.77 normally $.99
Microwave Popcorn $.99 normally $1.99
I use Bottle returns $3.50

I spent  $23.60


Frozen foods and snacks

I had to spend  $25 to use my 5 dollar off coupon.

I spent $30.85

After using the $5 dollar off coupon.

Tell me about grocery shopping experience and what would like to Read or see  in Couponing with K ?

 Check back next month for couponing with K.


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