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Rya Owner of OnlyUsher.com


I have always been curious as to who are the people who ran the fansites and when I reached out Rya she  agreed to do this exclusive. Rya is From Paris, France. She is 23 and has a double degree in political science and International business law. She has been a huge Usher fan since 2002. She started her site in late 2009 because there weren't any leading sites.One of her favorite quotes is: :"You must be the change you want to see in the world". Mahatma Gandhi. Here is our exclusive:

KSY:Tell us a little bit about Paris Music and Fashion scene?

R:Well, Paris is the capital of fashion so we have a lot of different kind of designers. I really enjoy local designers like for instance Sandro, who are now turned global. As I really love fashion and taking care of myself in general, I would say living in Paris is a real pleasure because everybody is always well dressed, no matter the social background, everybody is kind of stylish in Paris, its like there is something in the air I'm saying this because I've lived in province, and out there most of the people could care less about not looking stylish. Regarding the music scene, Im going to be honest Im not a big fan of French speaking music in general, but there are some French bands that I really like: Im a big fan of Air, one of my favorite song ever is Venus. I like M83 and of course Daft Punk. These three bands are very successful worldwide but it is probably due to the fact that they are English speaking.

KSY:Tell us about your personal blog Ladyfromshanghai.tumblr.com?

R:I m a big fan of cinema, especially old Hollywood, so I named it after an Orson Welles movie, featuring his estranged wife Rita Hayworth,the lady from shanghai Its like a kind of diary because I post songs, pictures and videos of things that I like at this very moment and if you go through it you will see that I have very eclectic taste. That's probably why I  felt so connected with Usher's latest album more than any other one he ever released. It's hands down his most barrier breaking album. Moreover, I really enjoy the concept of tumblr because if you take the time to figure it out you will find out that I that a tumblr page can say more about a person than any other social media. I love looking back at it to remember how I felt at a specific moment.

KSY:How do you get your Usher content? Take us through the process of how you select what goes up on your site?(day in the life)

R:Im not going to give all our secrets away but the truth is that we are very selective regarding the news that we post on our site. There are a few golden rules regarding what we are going to post on it: We don't post anything regarding Usher's personal life, because as fans its none of our business. In contrary to a lot of fansite, we don't want to post unreleased or leaked songs, because we think that its very disrespectful to the artist. I would be pissed if someone released something that I worked on for months before I want it to be actually released. We usually only post verified information. We use mainstream Medias like MTV or billboard websites as sources. We also receive tips from websites like popdustpress party, billboard.com or CapitalFm. We receive tips from fans. We always credit our original sources. 


KSY:When you started in 2004 where there alot of fansites? Describe the web then and now?

R: I actually started in late 2009. There was like three Usher fansites but the most popular was Usherforever.com. It used to be such a good fansite until 2008 but then the owner started to use gossip website as a source and I thought that it was totally unfair to Usher.  In contrary to a lot of people, instead of complaining I started my own site.

KSY:You have a team at OnlyUsher can you introduce us to your team and there roles within the site?

 R:Max: He is our administrator, he is from Canada. He is helping out with all the technical parts. He volunteered because he noticed that I was really struggling. It was really sweet of him. I'll always be thankful for all his help. We would probably still a blog without him. Mary: She is our designer but she eventually became an editor. She is from the Paris as well.  She created our layout and helped with the color choices. She is very creative and talented.  I'm really happy that she is a part of our team because she also has a great personality. Valentina: She is 24 and she is from Montpellier, in the south of France. She is an Usher fan since 2001. Her favourite songs are "How Do I Say" and "Climax". She attended an Usher concert for the first time in 2009. She is also editor since August 2011 and she is probably one of the best Usher fans I have ever met. She is a sweetheart.

KSY:Your site is the # 1 source for Usher news? Do you have a personal relationship with him? has he seen the site? what has his reaction been? have you meet him or interview him? 

R:Our fansite is absolutely unofficial. We don't have any contact with Usher or his entourage. I saw Usher in concert in 2011, twice actually. It is still one of my best memories in my life. The night of the second concert I tweeted him and then I got a reply from his twitter account. I don't know if it was him or his team who actually replied but I was so happy. I will never forget that night. It was perfect.

KSY:How do you keep the site innovated and fresh? How many hours a week do you put into OnlyUsher? 

R:We are trying to change our layout as soon as it seems dated. We also take in account comments from our readers. I would say that we put more than 6 hours into the site during a busy week.

KSY:What blogger/sites has cited you as a source for source for Usher news?

 R:We have a partnership with purefans.com as official Usher source. Purefans network is really huge, especially  in France, this partnership is really helping out to expand our popularity. We also have a lot of partners listed on our site.

KSY: What is the hardest thing about having a site about a celebrity?

R: Having a popular fansite isn't that easy because you have to be very careful about what you are posting on it.  You have to be responsible because people deem you as reliable so you have to be reliable.

KSY:How have you found ways to draw traffic to your site as a pose to other Usher sites? 

R:We have partnerships with other fansites. It is actually really helpful.

KSY:How has social media played a part in OnlyUsher success?

R: We currently have 28000 followers and counting on twitter more than any other Usher fansite so I would say that social media and especially twitter is huge part of OnlyUsher success. We started as a french speaking blog: without twitter we would have remained local. Social media gave us worldwide audience.  I really enjoy interacting with other fans through social media.

KSY:What's next for OnlyUsher? 

R:The objective remain the same: Promoting Usher's music and talent as much as we can as fans.

KSY:If you could say anything to people are not currently following your OnlyUsher what would you say?

 R:I would say in the words of Usher come follow me, you won't regret it.

Special thanks Rya

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