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Klaudia owner of Naughty-bee.net


I am always trying to set KSYonline a side from any other blog/sites and I am always looking to interview interest people that do amazing things. I was curious about people who ran fansitesand as you know I already did a Brandy related fansite called:BrandyDaily.  Klaudia who runs a Beyonce fansite called Naughty-bee.net   is 21  years old from Poland and she opened her first fan site Jennifer Lopez in 2004 with her brother's help he taught her basic html. A few months later she opened Naughty-bee.net. By this time she also had  a Christina Aguilera  and a Rihanna site. As she got older due to time she closed Christina Aguilera and Rhinna's fansite and dedicated her time to Naughty-bee.net.

KSY:Tell us a little bit about yourself?

K:I'm currently studying English philology. My second hobby after websites is graphic design. I collect CDs and DVDs of my favorite artists, some of which are Rihanna, Ashley Tisdale, Jennifer Lopez, Christina Aguilera and of course Beyonce. I also love watching American TV series, especially the likes of Gossip Girl, The O.C., 90210 and Veronica Mars. I have a dog and three cats.

KSY:Why did you decide to create a fansite about Beyonce? How long did it take to come up with the concept for the site?

K: I've always been interested in computers. I guess it's kind of a family thing for me because my father deals with hardware and my brother is a programmer. When I first got the Internet I joined some message boards and got to know people who had their own fansites. I was really impressed and I wanted to do the same. I chose Beyonce as I just became a huge fan of her at the time. Coming up with the concept didn't take long, as I already had opened another fansite before so I knew what I wanted the site to look like.

KSY: If you could give advice to someone who want's to follow in your footsteps what advice would you give them?

K:To be persistent. I think it's the most important thing. I had many days when I was too tired to update but if you want to have a good website you just have to keep going. If you don't update for too long, people will move on to another site.

KSY:What are five things you can't live without?

K:If you mean things and not people then music, TV series, my website, my laptop and my phone.

KSY: When you started  your Beyonce fansite in 2004 were their alot of fansites?Describe the web then and now?

K:From what I remember there were quite a lot of fansites back then. There were more websites about Beyonce for sure. Probably because it was the beginning of her solo career. There were still fansites about Destiny's Child and now I don't think there's any. But generally the web isn't much different than it was in 2004. There are sites that come and go and there are those that are here for years. The biggest difference is that now almost everyone is using Wordpress, which I personally don't like. And of course now we have all those social networks.

KSY:How do you find your Beyonce content? Take us through the process of how you select?(day in life)

K: Everyday I browse through various blogs, message boards, Facebook fan pages and magazine websites. I try to post news only from reliable sources and leave out the ones coming from sites known for spreading rumors. When it comes to photos, I post everything that I can find.

KSY:Your site is the site #1 source for Beyonce news? Do you have a personal relationship with her? has she seen the site? If yes what  has her reaction been? Have you meet her or interview her?

K: I hope so! Unfortunately, I've never had a chance to talk to Beyonce and I don't know if she's seen the site. The only time I've seen her was at The Beyonce Experience Tour in Berlin in 2007. Hopefully, I'll be able to meet her in person one day and ask her about the site.

KSY:How do you keep the site innovated and fresh? How many hours a week do you put into naughty-bee.net?

K: I try to change the layout every once in a while, always trying different colors and effects so that no one gets bored with the same look. The amount of time I spend on the website depends on what Beyonce is currently doing. If she is promoting a new album I may be updating for 3-4 hours a day and if she's on vacations it may be just one hour a week.

KSY:What blogger/sites has cited you as a source for naughty-bee.net?

K: I haven't been really tracking that but I find my content being used here and there when visiting different websites, blogs, message boards, etc.

KSY:What is the hardest thing about having a site about a celebrity?

K: Probably competition. Especially when you are starting out and you choose a celebrity that is very popular at the moment. It's hard to lure visitors when they already have their favorite fansites. Besides, when you are starting out and don't have any experience you might not even get a host.

KSY:How have you found ways to draw traffic to your site ? As a pose to other Beyonce's fansites?

K:I have to say that I don't know. When I was starting out I became friends with other webmasters, asked for opinion and advice on several message boards and exchanged links with other fansites. I guess that's how I got the word out. And then I just did my thing and somehow the number of visitors started to grow.

 KSY:What  makes your site standout from the rest of the Beyonce sites?

K:I think I have the biggest photo gallery. Some photos that I have you can't find anywhere else. I also have a section about Beyonce with all the necessary information about her life, style and career and downloads section with wallpapers, avatars, Winamp skins, etc., whereas many sites concentrate only on latest news and photos. On top of that I update the site almost everyday.

KSY: If you could say anything to the people who aren't currently following naughty-bee.net what would you say?

K:That the site isn't going anywhere and that I'm not planning to neglect it. Naughty Bee is a website run out of passion and not for money and you can count on me to bring you your daily dose of Beyonce news

KSY:What is next for naughty-bee.net?

K:Probably a new layout is coming soon. I also plan to add more info to the section about Beyonce. 




 Special Thank you to Klaudia.

Did you know Beyonce has a Bee named after her?


  1. I love it. is amazing. I love this page because always I find something different to others web site, about pics or news always find something different. thanks for all. love U. I'm glad i can see your face.
    I go to send this to someone close to her. I hope She can or want Show it to Beyonce.
    do you have personal twitter?
    my twitter is @yivialo love ya ♥

  2. Wow,thank you for your comment and all the love @KSYonline.


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