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Greater Faith Assembly: Reach out give back 2012


I was contacted by Tryone Armstead  via Linkedin in April. to see how I could help him for an event his church was giving. I thought the best way was to interview him since he was in charge of the event. Here is an overview of the event:Greater Faith Assembly is hosting on Aug 25,2012 from 12pm to 5pm. Their goal is to help 500 kids in the City Of Detroit with book bags that contain school supplies inside. The objective is to do what they can to empower people with the necessities to overcome poverty and teaching people how to live in love and harmony.

Here is our Exclusive:

KSY:Tell us a little bit about yourself?

TA:I’m a saved Christian man and most important I have a relationship with God and I know him for myself. Married for four years to my friend, motivator, rose, and lifelong partner Danyell Samuel-Armstead, we married on Valentine’s Day thanks God we picked that date can’t go wrong missing the Anniversary and I must say that our marriage is reflective of Valentine’s Day which is love and gifts of actions and expressions. We have four kids, three girls and a baby boy. Mya, Brooklynn, Madison and Major my family inspires me to push and do better by being a great father, I don’t look at my role as a chore but as a way to deposit positive inspiration into flowers that can take in what’s needed to flourish in a world that’s filled with all sorts evil but I attest that love covers a multitude sin. My parents Brenda and Tyrone Sr were great parents to me and  my siblings and I’ve learned a lot on how to fight in what you believe in and never giving up even when obstacles seem bigger than you. I’m the oldest of five and I have two brothers and two sisters Renalndo, Blaise, San, and Cuya, our family is full of comedians it’s never a dull moment when we’re all together. I’m a product of D.P.S, graduated from Henry Ford High School Class of 96, achieve my Associates Degree in Liberal Studies at Wayne County Community College and currently working on achieving my Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education at Grand Canyon University.


KSY:How did you get involved with "Reach out give back"?

TA:Reach Out Give Back is an inspiring thought that God gave me. I knew that there was a great commission that I needed to answer which was touching people lives and giving of myself instead of being a receiver. I understand it’s not about taking because how can you be a blessing if you never know how to give and not look for anything in return.but ministering God's love in people’s lives that people gave up on or left for dead based on their outer appearance, but yet still God wants you’re heart and once the inside is fixed then things change on the outside. For so long we’ve been placing bandages over cuts that never receive antiseptic to heal, we must provide medicine that heals and change people state of minds by teaching people how to do for themselves without depending on the government to do it for us. In order for change to occur we must first look at ourselves and change the reflection in which we see in the mirror in order for change to become transparent into others. I brought the idea to my Bishop Raphael Williams of Greater Faith Assembly and thank God that he has a open mind on ministry and he gave his blessing to allow the vision of Reach Out Give Back to come to past and the rest is history.

KSY:Tell us about "Reach out give back" what are you expecting people to donate?(list items) How can they donate?

TA:Reach Out Give Back Empowerment Zone 2012 is a event that focuses on the needs of the community and empowering citizens through spiritual, economical,  healthy alternative life styles. We would love for people to donate book bags with school supplies inside ( pencils, pens, note books,  crayons, folders, erasers, pen and pencil holders, paper, etc). Items can be dropped off at Greater Faith Assembly on Wednesdays (7:00am to 8:00 pm) and Sundays ( 9:00am to 1:00pm ). We’re also accepting food donations (hot dogs, hamburger patties, hot dog and hamburger buns, bottled water, chips, juice, pop, paper towel, hand sanitizer). We’re also requesting monetary donations to offset expenses to put this event on for the public. Checks can be made out to Tyrone Armstead / Greater Faith Assembly and sent to the church so funds can be deposited in Community Initiative Fund. Once donations are made I would like to give a receipt for contributions so donors can use donation as a tax write off. [Click Here] to be a Vendor

KSY:Where will the event been held? what times? who can attend?

TA:Reach Out Give Back Empowerment Zone 2012 will be held at
Greater Faith Assembly
1330 Crane
Detroit, MI 48214
August 25,2012
From 12pm to 5pm
This event is for everyone, great family atmosphere where there will be face painting, tiger ticket giveaways, prize giveaways, free food, bouncers for the kids and much more. This is for everyone to come out and have a good time and also gain something that will help further and change lives for the better.[Click Here] for flyer


KSY:Tell us about last year event? what is the difference between this year and last year? 

TA:This year we have more sponsors that’s helping out with this event and we have more services to offer the people this year versus last year. Our focus this year based on surveys gathered from last year was to have more vendors come out that can assist people dealing with legal, financial, rent and bills etc and I’m happy to say that we’ve accomplished this task. This year we’re bring businesses and organizations closer to people who need their assistance to become empowered.

KSY:Who are your current sponsor? 

KSY:What other community events has your church been involved in? 

TA:Greater Faith Assembly passes out Thanksgiving Dinners at our local party stores, Register people to vote, We give out food to those who are in need, We host seminars to improve people lives through credit repair services, marriage seminars, how to live single and much more. We have a dynamic youth ministry where kids display their talents. Greater Faith Assembly is on the move to further the Kingdom of God and change people lives for the better.

KSY:Tell us more about city of Praise Community Development Corp.? 

City of Praise is a non-profit organization which was designed by our very own visionary Bishop Raphael Williams. This is a housing initiative program to help low-income people to become home owners as a matter of fact we’re having a ground breaking ceremony on the same day as Reach Out Give Back is going on for our Senior Citizen Complex that will have 120 units and a built in movie theater, grocery store, and other amenities to help suit senior citizens and their personal needs without having to travel far too enjoy life, we’re going to be all to them. Detroit is welcome to take part in that as well.


Image[Greater Faith Assembly]

For more info contact at Tyrone Armstead:313-718-1092 or TyroneArmstead77@yahoo.com

Special Thanks to Tyrone Armstead  and Greater Faith Assembly


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