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2012 Summer Olympics Countries I never heard of ?

If you are like me I have been watching the 2012 Summer Olympics and during the open ceremony there where different countries from around the world some I heard of and others I was wondering where the heck is that country at? so here are list of countries I never heard of.


  • Did you know that that Liethestein is the largest producer of sausage casings, potassium storage units and false teeth. Other industries include electronics, textiles, precision instruments, metal manufacturing, power tools, anchor bolts, calculators, pharmaceuticals, and food products.
  • produces wheat, barley, corn, potatoes, dairy products, livestock, and wine.
  • Education 10th best
  • Liechtenstein Musical Company, the annual Guitar Days and the International Josef Gabriel Rheinberger Society, which play in two main theatres.
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What are your feels about the 2012 Summer Olympics so far?


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