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Matthew Solmon a star in his own right

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Matthew Solomon is a native of Orange County California, he was raised along with his brothers by his single mother Bonnie. Being abandoned  by his father has left Matthew with this undeniable drive to succeed. Before being a contestant on The Kandi Factory he has had his hands in singing, acting, dancing and hosting. He was also in Pinks “Raise Your Glass” video.  While he was on The Kandi Factory he learned the fundamentals of pop music, including how to write songs, image and stage presence.The outcome of the special had Matthew winning a single song released on itunes  called “take that” and a music video produced by Grammy winning artist Kandi Burruss. The Bravo special had 1.4 million viewers, making it one of their higher rating network shows.

KSY:How has your life changed since being on The Kandi Factory and what have you been up to since the show aired?

MS:Things have been great! I have been able to be that triple threat I've always wanted to be. Been meeting great people, working with amazing producers and traveling, performing in front of large crowds. The messages I get from people really hit home for me the most. People really look up to me and I'm no different then anyone else but with a story that I can come forward and express to people through my music.  

 Image[Matthew Solmon Facebook Page]

KSY:How did the show help you gain confident in yourself?
 MS:The show helped me realize that I was meant to be on stage. The fact I was chosen out of thousands of hopefuls who applied really is mind blowing and opened my eyes to the potential I have as an artist. I was just the pioneer for the Kandi Factory. I'm excited that Melissa and I really captivated peoples attention and Bravo decided to turn the show into a  series. 

KSY:What's one thing that nobody knows about you?
MS: Hmm, I can be very competitive and I don't really give up. Which means I can be very hard on myself at times

KSY:What is one lesson that you learned from Kandi or The Kandi Factory?
MS: Have confidence in yourself and don't let anyone tell you cant do something. Like Kandi's song "Fly Above" be above the drama, don't put people down and stay humble and just be yourself 

KSY:Describe to us the emotions you were  feeling during the process and shooting your first music video?

MS:It felt unreal, I remember being on set and talking to the backup dancers saying "wow a year ago i was in the background of Pinks "Raise Your Glass" Music video and now I'm starring in my own". 

KSY:Your song "Take that" is such an empower song will you be following this single up with LP?

YES! I have a single out called "Forget You" Its another f*** off song to your ex lovers lol Another single i have out is called Electrocute Me. Ill let you decide what Electrocute me means it has different interpretations for different people. 

KSY:According to Allieiswired.com you have two scheduled events in Hollywood and Ohio can you tell us more about these events? Do you have any upcoming events?

MS: I performed one of my newest singles "Time To Shine" over in Ohio last month. I have a few clubs in O.C, palm springs and San Diego coming up as well. I am very excited.I am performing in Las Vegas at the Cashman center theater in October. You can check it out and get your tickets at http://vegasshowcase.net  


KSY:What advice do you have to this new season of The Kandi Factory's hopefuls?

MS:You'll be having many breakdowns on camera lol be ready!. Just focus and really push yourself beyond your comfort zone. 


KSY:Do you have any upcoming projects or event?

MS:For all my upcoming events check my
twitter and facebook @matthewgsolomon 
Check out some of my #middlefingerup shirts only at http://www.rlapparel.com

Photo: how y'all doing tonight!!!!!

Image[Mattew Solomon Facebook Page]

To stay connected  Website     Twitter    Facebook

* *Matthew will be at  House of Blues in Anaheim 10pm on July 18

Special Thanks to Matthew Solomon and Jamie for making this possible.


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