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Jen owner of BrandyDaily.com


I have really been working hard on bringing new exclusives from a variety of different people. And I thought I want to know who are the people that run the fansites. And I was lucky enough that Jen agreed to let me do an exclusive. Jen is a native of Northern Virginia, she is a wife and a stay at home mother. Family is her number one priority, but she still finds time to run a successful fansite brandydaily.com and she builds  websites as a freelance developer. Here is our one on one.

KSY:Tell us a little bit about yourself?
J:I am currently a full-time homemaker; I enjoy taking care of my family, web design and watching my favorite shows on TV. I'm really laid back at times. One side of me that doesn't come out a lot, well I can say it’s a side I don't share openly with everyone, is my silly side.  I love to laugh and make people laugh. I love to travel as well; I've been from NY to LA, even lived in Germany for 3 years


KSY:Why did you chose Brandy to create a fan-site around? How did you get started?

J: I have always been a fan of Brandy, but at the time there were many other fan-sites about her. I was later approached by a friend who wanted to start her own Brandy website, so we teamed up and created
brandydaily.com. I just felt at that time, Brandy could really use all the supporters she could get. After her well publicized accident, it looked as if people were trying to really tear Brandy down, but we had a different agenda. My partner and I disbanded after about a year of working together. September 2010, I reopened and I've been managing this site on my own for almost two years.

KSY:When you started your site in 2008 were their a lot of fan-sites? Describe the web then and now?
J:Back in 2008, there were tons of fan-sites. Between 2006-2008 that part of the internet was booming. Now in 2012 fan-sites have become somewhat a part of the artists marketing scheme, the fan sites update sometimes faster and quicker than the official websites.

KSY:How do you find your brandy content? Takes us through the process of how you select what goes up on your site?(day in the life of Jen)

J:I use various search engines, Brandy's Twitter, and her official website for news. For photographs I use various sources which I will not share lol. When I post news, I post it as if I were her, how would I feel about this situation or that situation. For example, you will NEVER see me post pictures of her daughter. I just feel that is a really private part of her life that should not be put out there without her consent. I always want to make it a point to respect her privacy while still supporting.

KSY:You have a team at Brandy daily can you introduce us to your team and their roles within the site? Did you have a team in the beginning?
J:Yes, I do have team, Jayson, Kia & Jamel. They are like family, Jayson is my partner in crime, like my right hand. He used to update on a daily but now he's more on the creative end, coming up with ideas for us to better the site. Jayson started a different activity for everyday of the week, like “Tuesday Inspirations”, or “Remember WHENsdays”. Kia runs our “Fashion Fridays and talks about Brandy's fashion and how to go about getting the exact outfit or close to it. Jamel is another team member that updates the sites news and he is a big part of the online promotion team, he goes hard for Brandy. I appreciate my team so much!  



KSY:Your site is the #1 source for Brandy news. Do you have a personal relationship with Brandy? has she seen the site? What has her reaction been? Have you meet her or interviewed her?
J:I have been blessed with the opportunity to get to know brandy personally and yes she has seen the site! She told me that she loved the site and it was one of her favorite sites to visit. I have yet to meet her in person, but I know it will happen.

**Update she finally met Brandy at R&B Live in  D.C.  at a live Concert  "Amazing is an understatement, this was my & Kia’s first live show! We have been hardcore fans for years :) I am glad that I had the opportunity to go to the event, I have to thank my lucky stars for making all this happen for me (They know who they are)"-Jen


KSY:How do you keep the site innovative and fresh? How many hours a week do you put into the BD?
J:I change my layout every few months to keep things fresh, try to add a few new things from time to time to the layout. I spend a lot of hours working on BrandyDaily.  I don't mind it at all because I love keeping up with the person that is the focus of the site.

 KSY:What blogger/sites has cited you as a source for Brandy news?

  J:Over the years I have been cited by MissJia.com, Lavalizard.comNecolebitchie.com & ThatGrapeJuice.net

KSY:What is the hardest thing about having a site about a celebrity?
J:The hardest thing for me is the negative fans.  They attack you and the celebrity when they don't get their way. I think some of them just want too much from the artist. I believe they should let the artist do what they do, which is sing, give us great music, and live their own lives. 


KSY:How have you found ways to draw traffic to your site as a pose to other Brandy fan sites?
J:I honestly don't know, I just work really hard and hope that it’s received well.

KSY:How has social media played a part in Brandy Daily's success?

J:Social media has played a huge role in the success of BrandyDaily. Twitter and FaceBook are the most common ways for us to reach Brandy's massive fan base.

KSY:If you could give advice to someone who wanted to follow in your footsteps what would you tell them? 

J:I would say work hard, love what you do and stay humble.

KSY:How do balance family,freelancing and BD?
J:Family is first. They are my priority, nothing comes before them. Freelancing is something I do if I need a little extra money, so it’s not too often I do that and BrandyDaily is a hobby. You know how some women spend money shopping or whatever it is that they do, instead of doing that I run BrandyDaily.

KSY:How does your site stand out among the other Brandy fan-sites?

J:I think that all of the Brandy sites are great sites. I believe what sets mine apart from the rest is that I try to cater to her fans in any way possible. I letting them know what’s going on with Brandy as much as is humanly and respectfully possible.

KSY:If you could say something anything to people who are not currently following BD what would you say?

J:You really should follow because we are always updating on a "as its happening" basis.

KSY:What's next for Brandy Daily?

J:I can’t tell the future, but I plan to continue to work hard and never stop. I want to make sure Brandy knows we will be right there supporting her whether its music, television shows, or movies.  

 Special Thanks to Jennifer and The Brandy Daily Team.



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