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Hip Hop Rappers how they got their names.

50 cent (Curtis Jackson) adopted the nickname "50 Cent" 
as a metaphor for "change". The name was derived from 
Kelvin Martin, a 1980s Brooklyn robber known as
 "50 Cent".
Rick ross (William Leonard Roberts II)derived his 
stage name from the drug trafficker "Freeway" Ricky 
Ross, to whom he has no connection.
Diddy (Sean Combs), 1st known as Puff Daddy and 
then as P. Diddy (Combs said that he was given the 
nickname "Puff" as a child because he would "huff and 
puff" when he was angry,and "Daddy" was another 
version of "player"). In August 2005, he changed his 
stage name to simply "Diddy", as the result of a 
Jay-Z (Shawn Carter) was known as "Jazzy", a nickname 
that eventually developed into his showbiz/stage name, 
"Jay-Z". The moniker is also an homage to his musical 
mentor, Jaz-O, as well as to the J/Z subway lines that 
have a stop at Marcy Avenue in Brooklyn.  
Eminem (Marshall Bruce Mathers III)  first began 
performing amateur raps at age 14 under the 
pseudonym "M&M"(his initials). He also has 
an alter ego named "Slim Shady".
Wiz Khalifa (Cameron Jibril Thomaz) His stage name 
is derived from khalifa, an Arabic word meaning 
"successor", and wisdom, which was shortened to 
Wiz when Khalifa was a young boy . Khalifa stated 
to spinner.com that the name also came from being 
called "young Wiz 'cause I was good at everything 
I did, and my granddad is Muslim.  
2 Chainz (Tauheed Epps) in early 2011 he decided to 
change his stage name to 2 Chainz from Tity boi. 
Tity boi was the stage name he used for years (in 
the group playaz circle)but the change was made because 
he perceived it to be more "family friendly". 

Drake (Aubrey Drake Graham) C'mon, would you rather go by 
Aubrey? lol
Information source Wikipedia 
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