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Yasmine and Alica BF's In Business


Yasmine and Alica are two best friends who worked in the fashion industry. At the time Alica was in sales and Yasmine was a publicist. In September 2011 they decided to launch No.9 Candles Co. and since launching they have been featured in the March issue of Essence, StyleBazer, Betty Confidential. and Archel Benard. here is our Exclusive :

KSY:How did you come up with the concept of N0.9 candles?

Y: We're two fashionistas who were in search of a way to supplement our income while setting us up to work for ourselves in a few years. 

A: Both being immersed in the world of fashion for the majority of our careers we have been well exposed to beauty and apothecary as well. We wanted to tap into a market that wasn't as limiting as fashion can be and candles seemed to fit the bill.

Photo: more from our photoshoot with Tom lol
Image[Facebook Page]

KSY:What makes N0.9 candle Co.different from your competitors?

Y: Our ability to fulfill custom orders is by far our competitive advantage!

KSY:How did you two decide to go into business together? what are your roles?

Y: Though we're both extremely creative, I take the lead as the Creative Director and have a lot of input in our fragrance combinations and packaging. I'm also a publicist by trade and I am always in search of new opportunities for the company to gain media exposure. 

A: Both Howard University grads, we had worked together in a scholastic setting before and found that our skill sets complimented each other well. Though we are both very involved in the creative development of our products, I am at the forefront of our sales directives and finances.

KSY:Can you walk us through the process of candle making?

Y: Candle making in theory is very simple - you melt wax, add scents, color (if you choose), a wick then let it cool. However, the devil is in the details - there's tons of chemistry involved! 

A: As Yasmine noted, the process in theory is simple, however, blending the fragrances is the biggest challenge!

Photo: the candles are poured and cooled... almost ready to ship to you! 

Image[Facebook Page cooling process of candles]

KSY:What has this experience taught you all about yourself?

Y: This experience has made us more more business savvy; as opposed to just looking at the end result we've become very calculated in how we achieve our goals and making sure we're making the most efficient use of our time, money, and resources. 

A: In addition to being more business savvy, it has also taught us the art of compromise. Working with a partner can be a challenge to some, however, we've done a great job of recognizing each other's (as well as our own) strengths and weaknesses and sticking to our roles.

KSY:You were recently at Coachella how was that experience? what other exciting places have you all been able to travel because of  you"ll business?

Y: Thus far, Coachella has been the only trip we've taken - it really had nothing to do with our business but it was definitely fun! We enjoy taking trips occasionally to keep us refreshed. 

A: Coachella was a great time for us because it was, essentially, a melting pot of inspiration. Though we didn't go specifically for business I think we made some great connections that that could turn into some potential collaborations

Facebook Image at Coachella with friends]

KSY:What five things can't you live without?

Y: 1. Family 2. Friends 3. Simply Lemonade 4. Candles 5. Killer Lipstick! 

A: 1. My iphone 2. Family (my friends fall into this category) 3. Eyeliner 4. Instagram 5. My cat Chase

KSY:What advice would you give someone who wanted to follow in your footsteps?

Y: Don't give up! See your ideas through and don't let obstacles prevent you from your end goal.
A: Be focused and have a specific vision in mind, however, don't be afraid to veer off your path because you never know what's in store.

Image [Facebook Page]

KSY:Have you thought about N0.9 candle as a brand, what's the next step for N0.9 ?(Explain)

Y: Yes, we've always seen No9 as a brand. We're currently looking into doing a line of diffusers to accompany our candles

A: No9 is DEFINITELY a brand. We plan to take the apothecary world by storm. Opportunities are really endless for us.

KSY:Do you have any upcoming events or projects?

Y: Yes, we're participating in a series of events around LA - check our our website for more details! We're also looking to expand our business into custom favors for special events (i.e. weddings, birthday parties, corporate events).

A: No9 is always in search of opportunities for networking as well as a great time, so wherever the cool kids are, is where you will find us :-) 

**To place an order or ask question: Website,Facebook and Twitter.

Special thanks to Yasmine and Alica for allowing me to do this Exclusive.


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