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Special Father's Day Message


Father's Day is this Sunday June 17, 2012 and I wanted to take the time to recognize all the men who have stepped into this role as a "Father" who has given their children : love,discipline,encouraging,raising their sons to be "real men" by teaching them the fundamental of man hood the transformation from boy to man , how to take care of themselves,how to teach women,manners,balancing work and school. and for his daughter to be the "1st man" in his daughter's life of how she should be treated like a princess. how to choose the right man, the ins and out of dating,how to be independent.

Also to all the women who were single moms and had to play a duo role as "Mother and Father". who  had to teach a boy how to be a man. and to teach her girl how to act like a lady.

Lastly to all the men who aren't legally father's but have  decide to be a father figure to young men in there life.

Thank you !!! Happy Father's Day



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