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Dylan Andre: A Class Act


Dylan Andre is a native of  Zieglerville, Pennsylvania. Dylan first picked up an guitar when he was 18. He trained his ears to learn the cords, there was a lot of trial and error, and he was influenced by a variety of artist. After Dylan's father attended his first sold out  show his father decided that it was time for his son to chase a few talent competitions. Due to a lack of money and bad timing, their first talent show in Cincinnati, OH was cancelled, and by then Dylan had given up hope on the talent show side of things. Their finally  attempt was going to New York for American's Got Talent auditions for season 6. Dylan was choose as one of the contestants and later became one of the finalist. Since being on the show Dylan has been self managing himself  he is working on projects in Nashvhille and up north with David Ivory of Ivory Productions LLC. A CD is due this fall, singles and music videos this summer.  Here is our Exclusive:

KSY:How has your life changed since being on AGT?

DA:The ones who thought I was a loser, just think I'm a cocky loser now lol Naw, it's been crazy. Its given me a keen eye to see the ones who care about seeing success, and the ones that just want to make a buck. It's made me have to feel a strong family connection between the ones I work with, and the team I've been able to put together is more like family to me then anything I got right now.

KSY:When you listen to the radio what do you feel is missing in the music industry?

DA:Stay power. I honestly only listen to pop music to keep up with where the circle is going. The circle of music goes from starting out VERY simple, like the Beatles, then turning into crazy melodies and all that other crap and becoming very complicated, like the 90's. Every circle comes back to simplicity, like what I'm hoping for, remember Hey There Delilah? Most simple song in the world, then you have Howie Day, Jack Johnson, John Mayer, exploding in the 2000s with simple melodies and stay power. unfortunately the only one to stay out of those three is Mayer, but even his new album is more simple then spreading butter over a piece of toast ya know. The artist I hear now, come and go, new ones, old ones, it's all annoying. I hardly listen to the radio, aside from Coffee House and BB Kings Bluesville on XM.


KSY:If you could give advice to someone who wanted to follow in your footsteps what would you tell them?

DA: Don't go on TV lol no, I would say just be yourself, don't try to be something you're not. Be honest with yourself and your expectations, don't be afraid to say what you want to be, and go for it 100% If you've got a fall back plan (or a low confidence, guaranteed failure emergency plan) then fall back on it now and don't even bother. If you don't, well then you better make what you've got going on work...

KSY:As a new artist what do you want to bring to the music industry? Do you feel anything is lacking?

DA:There's no real way to answer that, because the music industry is the closest thing to an old time Pirate code of rules, and expectations. My main focus is writing songs, getting better, and making a CD. Wherever those goals take me, then I'll be able to answer this question.

KSY:Take us behind the scene of AGT what the audience and the fans don't get a chance to see?

DA:We all had more pressure on our shoulders off stage then on. It was a downward slide for someone with low self confidence, like I had at the time. All  I knew is I could play and sing...then it became more of a...well they've been doing this whole Hollywood show business longer then I have, so who am I to tell them what key to sing in...I was totally wrong. G sharp for a song like Daughters was asinine for me, I wanted G, but the vocal teachers said G sharp is the way to go...blah. I respect them with all of my heart, and I love Yvie and Nigel, but it was my fault for not saying, I'm not wearing denim, I'm singing Shadows of the City and I don't like these boots in this size. Completely my fault for being voted off, and nothing else. No one on earth knew that happended.

KSY:Do you have any advice for this year AGT hopefuls?

DA: Stick. To. Your. Guns.

KSY:Tell us about how you became involved with the Humane Society and Alanon and the importance's of giving back when you have a platform such as AGT?

DA: If you had something you really wanted to tell everyone, literally everyone. When there is a camera that is equal to the eyes and ears of 22 million people, would you say something about it? I think so lol My mother is an alcoholic, burns like hot sauce to say it, but that's what I learned from Alanon. I wanted, to among other things, show my mother it was okay to have the issue, and everyone loved her for trying to face it, all she had to do was try. I failed her on that part, but no matter whether it be music or other things, I will continue to try until I run out of time. I am not involved with the Humane Society, but I would love to be. Animals take a little piece of me everytime I see one, whether it be a minimal piece or a huge chunk.

KSY:What is the hardest part of about being on a reality singing competition? Are you still friends with any AGT contestant If yes who?

DA:Well it's not a singing competition, hence why I'm friends with Geechy Guy, Attack Dance Crew, The Silhouettes. I am friends with Dani Shay, Daniel Joseph Baker, Maricio Herrerah, my producer Nigel Caaro, pretty much everyone I am friends with, even Taylor Mathews from two years ago lol became friends with him off the show. It's about loosing the name, the dude from TV....there's usually never any stay power from it.

KSY:On your upcoming album who have you worked with?

DA:I have worked with many people on this album. Grammy nominated producer and engineer David Ivory is producing the CD, along with some help on a track that I worked with Buddy Hyatt from Nasvhille TN on over at the Tracking Room, he's excellent. Dave really let's me spend time on this, sit down and write the riffs at home, go in and test them out, he wants it to be my sound, and what I like....making it as organic as possible, unlike Nashville where they just kind of show your work tape to the house band and the go in a play the song in a half hour and it's done...that's hard. It's hard because I'm making the album in two different worlds...Up north, I can really make it a liquidy as I want, and Dave is cool with it, where as Nashville there is so much support and everyone wants to help, but it all comes with the teritory. I'm so excited for this album, because it's the only thing I've been able to keep from my fans and friends. I think I'm the
only local musician who has stayed partially relevant without having a lick of music in the world lol

KSY: What is the vibe of your album? when is it schedule for release?

DA:Life. Sometimes it hurts, and sometimes it doesn't. I know every singer/songwriter is like, "Yeah man, it's just about my life ya knowww," with a flick of the hair thrown in there somewhere, but it is. It's just the delivery of it is what is important. It's things that have happened to me over the past two years, I would love for people to follow what happens in my life, and if I write good enough songs about it, they will enjoy following along lol I'm still the same person, so it's like watching a friend, or even imagining yourself going through the motions of following a dream, and all the ups and downs that come with it. There's is no scheduled release, these things are unpredictable, and it's whether I feel it's ready, or not. It's really up to me, but I won't make you wait to long, maybe a few months and the videos will be done and we'll get a solid time frame.  

**Want to hear music from Dylan[Click Here]

KSY:Do you have any upcoming events or projects?

DA: I do, I have a lot of stuff going on prepping the release of the CD. Some shows, that are more imprtant to DJ's and producers more then they are the fans. I'm playing NAMM convention in TN two times back to back, and meeting with some potential sponsors. I've got a few projects I am not allowed to disclose, but they are freakin huge, collaborations, and tours...it will all come with time. To much info can kill you, or kill your thought of me....so I'm sparing your life lol or just your thought of me. I try to look at my potential career as an air plane departure. I'm on the tarmac...I'm there, if I can get the speed to take off, and keep steady and not screw anything up, and if I can keep the air under my wings for long enough, then I'll be up high over the world looking down knowing I did it with all intentions pure.

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Special Thanks to Dylan Andre for doing this exclusive with me.


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