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I was surfing the web  promoting another Exclusive  when I stumbled upon Trooth's video on indehiphop.com  called "Tender Lovin" that is his new single off of his LP Reborn. Trooth has been featured on Triple J unearthed,coffee conversation,Perth Underground,The secrets out magazine,Xpress magazine, West Australian newspaper. This Australia native raps with such conviction and a message that speaks the Trooth. here is our Exclusive.

On his start in the music industry

KSY :Tell us about how you got started in the music industry?

T:I was into the Hip Hop culture before I started rapping seriously. It was the clothing, the way people spoke the music that attracted me.I started rapping when I was like 15 or 16 spitting rhymes and recording . I saw my cousins freestyling at a party and  I had friends that were doing it. I decided to get serious with it after I met Trumpnotics, a cat from LA who was living in Melbourne at the time. He showed me a side of the Hip Hop culture that I hadn't been shown before. Ever since then its all I ever wanted to be good at.

 On his early influence in Hip Hop

KSY:Who would you say was your early influence in Hip Hop?

T: My earliest influences of Hip Hop where groups like Poor Righteous Teachers, Leaders of the new school, Digital Underground and NWA.I listened to a bit of Rnb then as well, like High Five, H-Town,ABC, Bel Biv Devoe but my biggest influences have been TupacShakur and Eminem.

KSY:Describe what you felt when you heard NWA f**** the police?

T:At first it was shock lol, then it was like man this shit is cool. Here are some cats who looked like me, expressing them selves in way that was not allowed in my world. Basically saying, “I'm gonna say what I want, Fuck you!” I loved that about that group. I loved the fact that they  weren't conforming to society. Then I read the autobiography of Malcolm X and that changed my world. I really could understand Hip Hop so much more after reading that book. It's like Hip Hop became a part of my belief values. There was no turning back.

On his involvement in the Backyard Party Project

KSY: Tell us about your participation in the Backyard Party Project ?

T:I was asked to enter an Emcee competition at the BPP. It wasn't like battling in the generic sense, it was more who could sport the most skill as an emcee without dissing your opponent. Its was more like you had the sickest Bars and who could freestyle the best. I won the competition.

 On his gift to rap
KSY:When was the first time you realized your had a gift to rap?

T:Wow, that's hard cause I believe that rap is an eternal challenge to always try to be more creative than the last 16 you spat. I guess when I was recording my self on tapes, people would tell me I sounded really good and that I should keep doing it. Even till this day it is the reaction from others that makes me continue to rap. I love it when people say, “ dam that was a sick line,” or, “Man that punch line is killa,” or, “Dude you got killa flow,” I love that shit man!!! I feed off that.

On what is missing in Hip Hop

KSY:When you listen to the radio what do you feel is missing in Hip Hop? where do you see hip hop going?

T:I feel that Hip Hop has become a bit corney, like with skinny jeans and bright colours n shit. That shit is wack. Rappers have really dumbed down there lyrics which I feel is sad. I mean this shit is an art form. To me it's like painting a picture with words. I love listening to rappers who are intricate with there flow and use real lyricism in there rhymes. Cats like Chino XL,Big Pun, KRS One, Big L, all of Slaughter House, Immortal Technique etc People have come to look at a rappers lifestyle first and then his rhymes. I think that takes a lot away from the real emcees and it robs real emcees of there respect. People think that Joe blow over here who is signed to a certain record label, is ill cause he talks about getting drunk and blazing and then shows that in his video and they say, “OMG he's the best rapper alive.” When dude is an average rhymer. Then you got a real emcee who is a dope lyricist who is hustling hard with his music to feed his family, gets no love. I think that is a dam shame! I'm not sure where Hip Hop is going. I'm hoping it goes back to when it was like in the 90s, the golden era, when it was popular but not too popular, at the moment every tom, dick and harry with a home studio thinks he is a rapper. What will happen is when all the people who are into Hip Hop because its “Popular” get into what ever is the next “in thing” then you will be left with the real Hip Hop heads. I can't wait for that day, because that's when I will feel like Hip Hop is ours again.

On his growth and experience
KSY:Describe the growth you experience  as a artist since releasing United we stand and your current LP Reborn?

T:umm they were 2 different projects. I think I have grown lyrically between the 2United We Stand was more about creativity in my flow and how I said things. It was more of an experimental mixtape. Just creating really. I wasn't as picky with the rhymes schemes as I was with Reborn. Reborn was more focused on the lyrics. I tried to use words I had never used before, I tried to write punch lines in a way that I've never heard before, I tried to create a certain sound. Something that was different but still dope.

On Aussie Hip Hop

KSY:Define Aussie hip hop?

T:A growing branch from the same tree.

On building a brand

KSY:Have you thought about Trooth as a brand? How do you want to expand your brand?(acting,producing,etc)

T:I have thought about it in terms of my music, Trooth represents the fact that I'm always gonna be real in my rhymes. I aint gonna spit about something that I never done before or aint about. It's about being real and honest with yourself. Fuck everyone else. If you can be honest with your self than no man alive can fuck with you. I studied acting in Melbourne at the National Theatre of Dramatic Arts, so I definitely want to get into acting. 

On what he can't live with out?

KSY:What are five things you can't live without?

  • God
  • Music
  • a razor with shaving gel
  •   Blue V energy drink
  •  western toilet

  On what nobody knows about him          

KSY:What is 1 thing that nobody knows about you?

T:I ain't telling :)

On what current Rapper he would like to work with?
KSY:What current rapper would you like to work or tour with?

T:Eminem and Royce da 59, I'm pretty sure they are both in recovery as am I. Another rapper would have to be J.Cole. I think out of the freshman rappers he is one of the dopest ones.

KSY:What rap song didn't make the LP Reborn and why?
T:There were 5 songs that didn't make it on the album, most of them are on my soundcloud page. I just felt that they didn't have the same depth and substance as the other tracks. It was a joint decision between myself and partner Loftee Beats.

 On plans to come to the States

 KSY:Do you have any plans to come to the States to promote your album why or why not?

 T:Yes I will be in the states this November to promote myself and the album. I will be going to San Jose,LA,Denver and New York.

On future projects
KSY:Do you have any upcoming projects or events ?
T:For now its just recording and preparing for the US. I've just done a track with Phil Da Agony
 from Strong Arm Steady, I'm hopefully going to be doing a track with Chase LosAngeles. On to the next one.

Trooth's Website

Special thanks to Trooth


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