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Lana Fame : The next Beyonce


It has been 5 months since I interview Lana and she has been busier than every. she has a new mixtape tape that is dropped Yesterday  May 23rd called Love Hangover unplugged Vol. 2. she is working on a new album and she has been singing live at different events and venues. so I was over joyed we had the opportunity to catch up again for this follow-up Exclusive. here we go:

KSY:Since Last time we spoke what have you been up to?


KSY:You recently went to New York can you share the reason for the trip?

L: I was brought out to New York by an AR at Universal Republic.I was brought only out there for a day but I got to go to the Universal and meet  with the top executives there!!!Talk to them for a minute and sang a few songs I got some great advice  they basically asked me out the two artist Beyonce or Rhianna did i see my career being like...And even though I'm a HUGH Rhi Rhi fan career wise I def want to choose the path of Beyonce NOT to be her but she sets an example of what it is to be a TRUE entertainer!! They told me that that's exactly where they see me going and that I was doing right. It went very well I'll say that lol....

KSY:You about to release your second mixtape tell us about the growth you have experience since releasing Love hangout unplugged Vol. 1? and why did you decide to release another mixtape?

L: I decided to release another mixtape because I want my fans to get a sense of ME! I have learned so much about yourself as a person and as an artist I wanted to share it; They stand behind me so strong I had to give them another one it wasn't even an option!!!

KSY:Did you write any songs on this mixtape?

L: I did write a couple of songs on the mixtape. Its a mixture of my fans favorite covers, remixes, and originals.

KSY:What is the  the vibe of his new mixtape?

L: The vibe of the mixtape is Love...All the diff sides of love... The good, the bad, the lust and the crazy!! lol... I didn't want another cliche mixtape I want it to be real like it seems like women only singing about being independent or men cheating yes I do talk about those things but also let it be known that we can be the reason love doesn't work out and that we mess up too!!!
KSY:When you listen to the radio what do you feel is missing?

L: Besides the lack of talent!! I feel whats missing is the lack of  originality it seems like everyone is going  with whats hott and trying  to fit in instead of being  true to who they are as an  artist.

KSY:What song didn't make the mixtape and why?

L: A couple songs didn't make the cut they either didn't fit the flow of the mixtape. or were too good and I wanted to save them for  the album.

KSY:What is your favorite song and why?

L:OMG I don't have a favorite I can honestly say that I love all tracks on this  mixtape.

KSY:What would be the first single off the mixtape? and will you follow  it up with a music video?

L: The first single off the mixtape will  be "Messed Up" and yes there will def be a video for this one!!!

KSY:Describe you creative process of working in the studio to complete the mixtape?

L: First I come up with a direction for the mixtape...Where do I want  to take my fans when they hear it?? After I 've answered that its pretty much smooth sailing.

KSY:How do you prepare for a Live performance?

L: Well even though sleep has been no friend of mine lately  I Try to get rest the days before I don't talk much I drink plenty water no diary or alcohol at least three days before any performance. Oh yea and lots of  THERAFLU!!!!

KSY:Where can we get a copy of  the mixtape?

L: I will have copies made but the mixtape will be posted online as well.

 Lana Fame " Love Hangover Unplugged: Vol.2" Release Party!!!!

Image[Lana Event Page]

KSY:Do you have any upcoming projects and events?

L: I will actually be starting to record my first album as soon as I release as soon as I release this. So I will be doing alot of traveling to work with some GREAT producers to complete the album.And I'm looking to drop the album by late December 2012!!! God-willing lol....

I want to give a special thanks to Lana for taking time out of her busy schedule.

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