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Couponing with K


Over the weekend I went grocery shopping and here is where I went  to GFS,Save-A-lot,Piquette Market
Meijer, and Kroger's.

GFS was the first stop and I got salad dressing $8.99 (no tax)

Save-A-lot deals:
  • Milk $1.99 normally 2/$5 for a gallon and half a gallon
  • Sunny D $1.00
  • Hawaiian punch $2/5
  • Sugar 4lb 2/$5(with .75 coupon)final cost $4.25
  • Cereal $2.47 (with a .50 coupon)final cost $1.97


Piquette Market 
 Usually when I get a bundle it last for 2 months.


  • Koolaid  normally .19 ea  20/ $3 sale (with coupon buy 10 get 5 Free) ( 2nd free item10 Free)IMG00134-20120508-1220.jpg
  • Sundrop $1.00(with coupon  $1.00) FREE (1st free item)
  • Meijer brand chips normal $3.99 sale buy one get one free
  •  I was armed with 3.50 coupon if I spend more then $35 dollars
  • $2.00 in bottle returns

  • Sweet baby ray $1.00 sale  normally  $1.59
  • Koolaid jammers and country time $1.00 sale normally $3.49
  • I had a coupon for country time  1.00 off 2  (2/$1) I got 4 final price $2.00

Stay tune to see my stock pile.

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